The Exotic Foods at the Street of Cebu, City

Heard about exotic foods on the street of Cebu?

Yes, Cebu is a dazzling city and also said to be the Philippines’s Queen City of the South. Nowadays, it becomes the most booming destination for tourists all around the globe. There you can find out culinary delights around every corner of the city.

There are lots of food stalls and street vendors who are offering a delicious array of dishes including from Chinese inspired dishes to native traditional Cebuano dishes. Whether you are looking for something spicy, exotic or sweet, Cebu food is the ultimate option to delight your taste.

Exotic Local Foods at Cebu:

If you are there and seeking a gastronomic adventure, then go ahead to the streets of Cebu and start your food adventure trip by trying these sets of exotic food.

  • Buagsong Bakasi

If you are from Cebu or every visit there, then you have an idea about this amazing seafood. The food vendors around the city serve exotic eels that are sautéed in soy sauce, and these eels are more popularly named as the ‘Bakasi.’

The people of Cordova, love to eat this food as it is rich in protein and high in omega-3 content, it helps decreases cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, and studies show that Bakasi reduces the chances of developing type-2 diabetes.

The Buagsong Bakasi’s best for when you are at a weight loss program. Well, if you are trying to lose excess flab, then track your weight using a weight loss calculator. You can visit to use the free weight loss calculator, with the ease of this tool you’ll able to track your daily calorie intake.

  • Lansiao

Since 1980, this is the local delicious food that is introduced by Chinese immigrants. Lansiao increases sex performance as it is made of bull’s testicles, genitals, and it also includes the skin that is chopped together. This soup is mouth-watering and truly pleasant to the tongue of many Cebuano.

  • Larang

If you are from Cebu, then you are familiar with this sour & spicy soup that is called larang. Linarang, larang or nilarang is a Filipino fish stew. Folks of Cebu love to intake this soup during the rainy season.

Larang produces a distinct taste as it contains a bountiful quantity of tomatoes and black beans also added to this delicious dish. Additionally, this soup often prepared by using fish.

  • Balut

Balut has become one of the favourite foods around Southeast Asia, including the Philippines. It is the fertilized 12 to 20 days old duck eggs that are quite famous around the region of the Philippines. And studies show that consuming these eggs will make pregnant women healthier.

  • Tuslob-buwa

In recent days, tuslob buwa become the hit list mainstream of social media and restaurants in Cebu already offer this dish. The actual concept behind this delicious dish is dipping the ‘puso’ into the simmered sauce that is prepared using a pig’s brain, pork cubes, garlic, and soy sauce.

According to some local of Duljo, the right way of cooking this dish is formed a pig’s intestine that stuffed with seasoned ground pork which is dipped into a pan of boiling oil. When the boiling foam starts to form, then it is the right time to dip ‘puso’ in it.

  • Bat

Those individuals who are living at shores have become to eat these sea slugs and sea cucumbers. During low tide, folks are making a trip to shores and pick them, and for the mouthwatering taste, they dip them in vinegar. All around Asia, this dish has been familiar with fisheries species, eaten raw.

  • Dayok

Locals of Cebu say that eating the meat of the fish is not enough; they make the most of the remaining parts of the fish, including its intestines by fermenting.

The Dayok is a delicious dish that tastes like patis (salted fish sauce). The dish is considered as an appetizer, and best suited when you are eating a regular meal and want to add spice.

  • Ginamos

Ginamos is prepared with a small fish that is mixed with salt and Cebuano loves to eat this food as it is made to ferment to the desired level of pungency.

Many individuals may have been disgusted with this dish by colour and foul odour, but this recipe is best to pair for cardaba (banana) and camote. Ginamos contains tomatoes, lemon, vinegar, and chilli to make it more appetizing.

  • Ginabot

Ginabot is a delicious recipe that has been long served in pungko-pungko along the streets of Cebu. Locals of Cebu love to eat these mouthwatering crunchy, slated, deep-fried swine intestines and these are dipped in vinegar and paired with puso to make it more delicious.

Well, whenever you are in Cebu, don’t forget to try some of them!

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