The biggest illegal casinos in history

Gambling was created for socializing and entertainment. The atmosphere of a casino is full of glitz and glam. The bright lights, loud chatter and laughs make it an exciting pastime to participate in. This case does not apply to everyone. Today gambling around the work usually takes place in unauthorized or illegal casinos.

A proportion of society wants to use this fun and friendly environment to earn a fortune. Casinos can turn people’s lives around and earn them a fortune, but gamers have to follow the rules and laws of a casino. Illicit casino gangs have made history by earning money from illegal casinos. In recent years, we are going to take a look at a handful of where is gambling illegal.

South Korea

Probably the most famous illegal casino is in South Korea. Compared to other nations around the world, gambling rules in South Korea are somewhat peculiar.

In practice, all gaming practices are banned in South Korea. This includes all forms of gambling from casino games to the lottery. That is why anybody seeking to make money from gambling will have to face the repercussions of the South Korean police.

There is one exclusion from this law, you can gamble in the mining district of Gangwon (Random, right?). It’s an incredibly remote place, so it’s pretty peaceful, predictably. The famous case from South Korea occurred in 2016 when the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency diminished an illegal casino.

This made history one of the largest illegal gambling dens to date. The police worked endlessly to close down this casino.

How were they discovered?

It took over five years, endless undercovers, fake office fronts and a lot of surveillance. The illicit group would change locations frequently to deter the police, but little did they suspect they were under observation already.

It has been reported that the gang has made $25m in gains since 2011. The activity is said to have managed bets totalling $12m every day at its height.


One of the most recent illegal casino heists occurred in the USA in 2016. The gambling ring was reported to have a worth of one billion dollars. These illegal casinos comprised of four main men. They were all based in New York City.

Hired by an offshore team in Costa Rica which assisted them in dealing with their finances. The main leader, Gordon, was reported to have purchased over twenty different properties in order to store the money laundering.

Another member was suspected of carrying money worth over $50,000 in briefcases on flights. They managed to avoid the police due to their password-protected websites, where consumers had to type-specific combinations of words and numbers to access illicit games.

The reason these illegal casinos became so popular is due to the extortionate amount of money they made or think winning. It is estimated that a whopping $927m in wagers went through the illicit circuit throughout the 2015 NFL season, which is $3.6 m for every game played.

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