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SEO Guide for Small Business to Survive in COVID-19

SEO is relevant both for small and large businesses. Being the owner of the local business or small company certain things can be done for obtaining good outcomes from Google by impressing it. As far as Google’s local search along with search results are there, business owners have to be tricky in dealing with its strategies.

If you own a small business then continue reading this blog, as it deals with the strategies of Google you should follow to get results from Google. So, let’s start.

The interrelation between COVID- 19 (Coronavirus) and Local SEO

No doubt that 2020 comes different from the other years just because of the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic all over the world. Not only affecting the health of the people it has imposed its adverse effect on the global economy as well. Local businesses are facing trouble in surviving in this worse condition. Both indoor and outdoor lives have undergone drastic changes.

Things are no longer normal as they were used to before. Due to the transformation of priority, some businesses can have profited while some don’t. Hence, in this tough time, you have to understand the prime necessity of the people and offer your products or services to them accordingly.

Even after reopening the businesses, consumers will be very cautious about things or shopping. In the meantime, eCommerce will soar high! Thus, despite being a small local business you have to take online marketing on the account. Much time will be consumed to get back the things to normal again. Devote your time now understanding the necessity of the people to meet their demand.

Make sure that the business listings are updated

You should start prioritizing your business from now onwards and thus it is imperative to keep the business details updated! Put the correct information about your business and make use of Coronavirus-related keywords so that users can easily find you when they are in need.

Google My Business should be updated at the same time with the inclusion of COVID- 19 structured data. You will be offered to add support links too by Google like gift cards selling or donations. You can get a much more clear idea about this from the relevant blog posts as well.

Local SEO and its 3 pillars- relevance, prominence, and proximity

Local search ranks mean 3 key things that should be given the most importance. These are relevance, prominence, and proximity. These have a pivotal role in determining whether your business is sufficiently relevant to be placed at the top of local SERPs just for any particular search term or not! Widely, companies of Las Vegas SEO services make use of these just because of the following reasons:

  • Proximity is determined by the search engines on the basis of the location of the searcher such as geo-coordinates and zip codes.
  • Prominence refers to the popularity of the business. It is checked by search engines at varied sources like citations, reviews, and web-like links.
  • Relevance is another crucial SEO factor. In this prospect, the search engine checks the way a business fulfills the demand of the searcher. Relevancy doesn’t depend on the update of Google My Business but it is the factor acting for determining your position in the Google search rank. So, you must put emphasis on the general SEO to earn the much-needed eyeballs and business as outcomes.

Local plugin SEO, your site and My Business

In a small business to earn a good rank with your local search a few things must be addressed as early as possible. Apart from Google My Business you should own an SEO-friendly website clearly stating your business type, services, and products offered by you. You should also describe the reason people should trust you whenever they need a certain type of product or service.

Furthermore, your brand must be supported and promoted excellently by the website with intriguing as well as informative content pieces. These must be composed in the simple and easy combination of words usually used by the people to search for any services online.

Mobile-compatibility enhanced user experience (UX) and technical authentication are other imperative factors of a good and efficient website.  Speed optimization and HTTPs should be implemented on the website so that it loads faster and in a secure way.

There are many SEO agencies that make your site prepared for uploading in the search engines. Besides that, it will allow you to compose interesting content pieces for garnering the attention of the consumers. According to your preferences, a well-structured data graph will be also provided to you.

With its incorporation, connections can be made possible on the other end of the Web by the search engines. All these aspects will make your website full, informative, relevant, and professional to the visitors.

  • Listings must be aligned

Local SEO is essential as the runner of a local business as it allows aligning of various operating platforms. The details of the search engines will be cross-checked for ensuring your business along with your personal information. It includes opening hours, geo-coordinates, phone numbers, and physical addresses. All these pieces of information should be written correctly and in a clear manner.

Structured data of the local business is vital too as it allows the search engine to know much more about your site for verification purposes. Earlier, this was considered as an additional chore but these days due to the availability of the full graph, things become much easier.

This fully structured data framework comes with a local SEO plugin as well. Basically, this component assists the user in managing the business details without being hassled. Even you will be able to design a manicured and informative About Us section for the website stating every important piece of detail along with Google maps.

The local Business will get automatically added in the background as it is widely preferred by Google.

  • Look for relevant niche

Lots of things can be done for making your business stand alone from the crowd! For every small or local business niche determination is recognized as the most integral part. After deciding the niche, full concentration can be put for making the products, services, and brand distinctive from others available in the market already. It will improve the probability of acquiring a good rank in SERPs as well.

Niche is the prime component which helps you to compete with the leading national brands irrespective of the million dollars ad budgets. You have to devote a couple of hours in finding out the words or phrases used by the consumers to find or describe you or your services.

By utilizing them into long-tail keywords it can be your right companion for optimizing the site for small or local business SEO. Once you are done, a niche should be assessed on a daily basis for the huge business expansion in the global platform.

  • Lower budget branding

Branding is an inevitable factor in small business SEO. It refers to the liking of the tagline including the logo by the staff. Rather than explaining the business and experience precisely, it represents the business value just for recognition. Low-budget branding is also there which prevents you from spending dollars on it. Only you should know about some top tips of low-budget branding.

  • Set for composing great content pieces

A significant small business SEO boost can be obtained with the help of correct and relevant content pieces. It is the place where most small business owners make the major mistake only by sharing contact details and products on the site. However, there is much more to do with your site for increasing conversion rates.

As you know “the first impression is the last impression” full advantage of this phrase should be taken initially. You can achieve that by sharing the usefulness of your services or products, business mission, and about your company (if there is any historical story). Even stats can be used for discussing the market events and developments associated with the specific type of business.

Only realistic content should be curated as it helps in the improvisation of the website’s rank in search engines. Content is recognized as a great marketing tool as well as social media input in this immensely competitive market. However, it is not reliable to secure no. 1 position in Google.

Apart from these, the right keywords should be selected for optimization. In case you opt to use mid-tail keywords with the local area then it is a good decision indeed. Generally, the place and how the content is going to be used really doesn’t matter. It is an approach instead by which you make the people gossip about your services, products, and businesses in a positive way.

  • Share content on social media

Any products or services irrespective of the business can be sold on social media platforms. This is the reason most digital marketing experts suggest to make use of social media for brand awareness to get potential customers. With the help of social media both your brand and company can be promoted as a small business.

But it will definitely help in establishing the brand image to earn the right amount of traffic to the website if used in the appropriate manner. Social media is often compared to a small market where every owner knows customers and each other. Even sometimes they recommend the users to go for any specific product or service if a recommendation is needed.

To make people talk about your business at first you have to introduce yourself on these leading platforms. At last, you have to stay active as long as you can to serve the people whenever they are in need.

Factors of local SEO ranks that promote your local or small business

The local rank of the website is greatly influenced by a number of factors along with the most common detail- NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number). Right code formatting must be used for stuffing the information with the help of

Even a local SEO plugin will be your right tool in achieving that. As it will include state and city in your pages it will make your site easily recognizable within a short span of time. Let’s have a look at the local SEO rank’s influencing factors from below:

  • Google My Business

NAP details should be concise and clear on both Google My Business and the website. Make sure that the link of the website must be included on the listing too. In this way, Google can easily understand the relationship within them. You must place these details on both on the contact page and in the footer of the web page.

Google My Business (GMB) is the platform by Google where consumers can search for local businesses and services near them via Google Search and Google Maps.

In case if you want to rank within the particular geographical area then Google My Business is the right companion for you. Moreover, this feature also offers a number of options for improving and managing the listings.

  • Include reviews and ratings

Google My Business and social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram allow the people to leave a comment or review about any company’s page, products, or services.

Once you acquire a good number of positive feedbacks then, click-through rate is much likely to increase from these platforms. Regular monitoring and response are needed for the reviews as well.

For any negative review, you must be sporty and apologize for the improper services. Fast reaction to any negativity to solve the issue by responding it gets really counted.

After that, you can request them to update their review on the basis of the solving of the issues. This will also make your unsatisfied customers as the virtual brand ambassador.

  • Links obtained from similar small businesses

Reviews and ratings are considered as the social proof and hence need to be backed up from other relevant websites with their respective links. Receiving as many links as possible from other business sites is still given much importance as an SEO part.

Citations or mentions are tough to obtain for your business from other sites. Of course, it varies from sites to sites depending on the business type yet some incise their own fresh as well as innovative ways to strengthen the online presence.

On being listed in some of the leading websites there must be a viable reason behind that. It also indicates that you have the probability of getting links to your site as well. The findability of the site can be enhanced to some great extent by receiving links from other local websites. Make sure that the other websites are also trading in a similar business that of you!

In case a similar business is found in another area not too close to yours, a link can be requested from that business too. As it is all about links so obtaining a couple of them from any relevant business websites will add some extra value to your site.

  • Search using near me

When it comes to local ranks, near me searches are most recommended! These are specific searches made by using words and phrases like ‘nearby’, ‘open’, ‘closet’ and ‘near me’.

These are reliable for optimizing the local businesses but applicable for leading global brands at the same time. Hence, your thought should be exceptional as many things are there for optimization.

From the above discussion, it is proved that a number of things can be done for improving the rank of the small business website. To attain these, you have to focus on the taglines and logos to represent it in a unique way. So, the customers can easily get an idea about your business type and services you offer.

A number of things are there to do to increase great leads and sales. Contents stuffed with relevant keywords will earn backlinks while influencing the user engagement at the same time. It’s suggested to consult Induji Tech SEO expert who can meet your business requirement following proper SEO strategies.

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