What Consumers Need To Know About Product Liability Settlements in America

Introduction to Product Liability Settlements in America

  • Do you know how defective products can be dangerous when used by your family members and cause serious injuries?
  • Are you aware that product liability is a form of a personal injury lawsuit, for which you can claim settlements?
  • Have you been the victim of a product liability case, but did not know whether you could hold the company accountable?

Product Liability Lawsuits have emerged as one of the most filed personal injury cases in the United States. According to data in 2019, aggrieved citizens filed nearly 30% more product liability lawsuits than they did in 2018.

In very simple words, product liability involves selling a defective product to a consumer in the open market. This can be in the form of an untested product, or something, which has exceeded its shelf-life but has been sold so as to avoid wastage.

In this article, we are going to look at some key aspects of what consumers need to know about product liability. In addition, we are also going to speak with a leading Parkland Product Liability attorney and ask him about the steps, consumers need to take to initiate a lawsuit in this regard.

Why Product Liability Cases are Growing in the United States?

Many experts feel that the rise in product liability cases can be because of the following factors-

  1. Increasing Consumer Awareness

The internet has made it possible for many consumers to become aware of their rights. Cross-checking facts, doing their own research, and educating themselves is one major reason why product liability cases are growing. Aware consumers are leading the charge in this regard.

  1. Active Regulatory Bodies

In the last few years, we have seen governmental authorities and regulatory bodies like the FDA become more proactive in this regard. They are issuing new laws, taking to tasks companies, and acting as a vanguard of the normal consumer. This is helping consumers.

  1. Presence of NGOs

In most instances, it is civil society groups, which are helping individuals by building their case against MNCs. From gathering evidence to educating about laws and also ensuring free legal aid, NGOs have taken product liability cases head-on in the United States.

  1. Too much Competition in the Industry

Every second count when it comes to a new product launch and its spread in the market. Companies are battling tight deadlines and even tighter sales figures. The race to launch is making them compromise on the all-so-important product testing stage.

  1. Shallow Marketing and Promotional Strategies

An aware consumer is likely to see through the promotional and marketing strategy being adopted by the brand. We all are guilty of buying chemical-induced makeup and food, only because some celeb was endorsing the same. Not anymore. People are aware of health issues.

How to choose the Best Product Liability Attorney for your Lawsuit?

Experts point out that attorneys who handle product liability lawsuits are specialists in this field. When you are looking for a lawyer, ensure that you go for someone who already has prior experience working on product liability cases.

Good attorneys can help in evidence gathering, witness calling, and strengthen the case. They can also identify other aggrieved victims who have suffered from the same product and company and increase the scope and focus of the lawsuit.

When large MNCs are dragged in product liability lawsuits, they favor settling out of court. Going to court means that their brand name can be portrayed in a negative light by the media. Hence, it is important that your attorney has prior experience in settling product liability lawsuits.

The Final Word

Product liability lawsuits are important as they ensure the protection of the rights of the consumer. They also prevent billion-dollar brands from exercising undue power and influence in society. No one should get away by passing off a substandard product with the help of a marketing stunt. Product liability is becoming an important part of personal injury lawsuits, in the same way, car accidents are.

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