Potential Hazards of Bad Company

5 signs that you’re among Bad Company

The #badcompany refers to the bad companion and friends we hang around with. You are judge by the people you tend to surround yourself with. So, choose your companions wisely, as numerous hazards can occur as a result of your terrible choice of companions. There are a few clues for you to discover if you are in a good or a bad company.

1. Your companions don’t have core values

When it comes to choosing your companions, the biggest red flag is that they have no core values. They don’t have any sense of direction. Core values are the things that act as a driving force for the people.

If they don’t have any core values, they will be miserable, and misery spreads. You will catch on to the misery of other people. There is going to be no progress whatsoever in their lives.

2. They don’t follow their core values

They dream big and have defined their core values, but they never act on them. They want to achieve something in their life, but they are not taking any action.

There are discrepancies in their words and actions. There is cognitive dissonance which you can clearly point out. Their words don’t match how they manifest themselves in society.

3. Gossip a lot about others

You can always hear them gossiping about others instead of focusing on their selves. This might have been fine when they were in middle school, but otherwise, it hurts themselves and others at any stage in life.


It leads to people forming cliques which hinders the performance and progress of people. It can lead to division, which will diminish any chances of collaborating with others for the more significant mutual benefit.

4. Enter in an unfriendly competition with you

Healthy competition is right between you and your companions. Still, suppose it breeds animosity among you and your companions.

In that case, it means that you will be entering an unfriendly environment whenever there is competition. This in future, can lead to serious problems.

5. Tend to disappear when you need them the most

Suppose you have been in a difficult position, but your companions tend to disappear whenever the sky turns grey. In that case, it signals a big red flag.

keeping bad company can cost you

Your companions should stick to you through thick and thin. You should be able to rely on them when something goes wrong.

How to Identify a Bad Company?

These are a few significant indicators of identifying the bad company now; we must look as to why should we even care if we have a good or bad company?

Contagious misery – If your friends are miserable, there are chances that you will be dragged along with them. You will be paying the price of their misery in one way or another.

Sometimes you will be financially paying for their mistakes. Sometimes the mistakes are way beyond monitory. They will suck you into their misery by putting you forward as a shield.

Their greed will cost you – While hanging out with someone greedy, you won’t be spared from their greedy schemes. You will be their target one day or another. You may believe in their loyalty, but loyalty is just an illusion, and they will strike you when they feel like it.

smoking kills

Push you into danger or bad habits – Did you know that bad company corrupts good character? A group of false friends will be trying to get you into doing something you feel morally apprehensible. They might try to introduce you to drugs and drag you into violence.  If you hang with smokers, you will be smoking eventually.

Smoking is very contagious, and if you merely hang out with someone who smokes regularly. You will be smoking along with them.

According to the Australian government, out of every eight people who die from a smoking-related disease, one person tends to be a non-smoker.

Non-smokers who live with smokers have a higher risk of heart diseases. It might increase the risk of heart disease by 25% to 30%. Even if you don’t pick up smoking from your friends, you will eventually be smoking and experiencing the same risks as the person who is smoking first hand.

Bad company can lead to drug use – There is a significant amount of psychological literature which indicates that bad company leads to drug use. Fazal Hanan and Asadullah conducted a study to check for the psychological causes of drug addiction.


This study was published in the global journal of interdisciplinary social sciences by the global institute of research and education. It was found from the study that every 3 out of 4 people started drugs due to bad company. There was also a strong correlation between the wrong company and peer pressure. It turns out the bad company pressures people into drugs. This isn’t surprising as the bad company is very hazardous for anyone who has no idea about spotting bad companions.

People get into drugs just for the recreation of their bad company – When people have exceptionally not defined their core values, it is evident that any immediate satisfaction will be adopted. As a result of this too evident phenomenon, people gravitate towards drugs.

This is a way for the bad company to stick together and fill the void. Cheap and dangerous drugs very quickly solve Their need for recreation and socialization. The study revealed that nearly 70% of people do drugs with their friends just for recreation.

Bad company deceives people into thinking drugs are harmless – The same study conducted by Fazal Hasan and Assad Ullah revealed that more than 50% of the participants were tricked or deceived by their friends into starting drugs.

Rehabilitation is extremely difficult with codependent relations as the bad company is the biggest cause of relapse. Your rehabilitation will never be complete without distancing yourself away from bad company. Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab Centers are the Ray of light for such people who get into the potential hazards of a Bad company.


Surrounding yourself with a bad company can sometimes lead to a big issue; it can damage you both physically and mentally. Also, hinder your progress and dimmish your position, including financially suffered. Therefore look out for the signs to spot bad company and avoid it all cost. You might have temporary benefits from the bad company, but eventually, it will drain you.

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