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Mobile App Development – Review the Best Technology to Use

If you want to make your mobile application project successful, choosing the right technology stack is a must. A relevant tech stack can be quite cost-effective and will take a reasonable amount of time for a Custom mobile app development project. We will here evaluate the most trendy mobile app development approaches and the current tech stacks you can implement.

Native Mobile App Development

Specific programming languages, software kits, and further explicit tools are used for native app development. This means you will need to employ separate technologies to develop native apps for different platforms.

iOS Tech Stack
There are specific tech stacks to consider when creating a native app for iOS.

  • Objective-C/Swift are the two programming languages for building an IOS app. Objective-C provides a dynamic runtime environment. On the other hand, Swift is far more functional and offers code that is less error-prone since its aligned support manipulates text strings and data; also it contains dynamic libraries directly uploaded to the memory; cutting down the initial size ultimately boosts up the app performance.
  • When developing your iOS app using Swift, Apple Xcode is the toolkit you will require for developing your native app. This helps you build apps not only for mobile but for desktop also. This toolkit comes amid the integrated support for Git repositories which is a graphical editor that creates user interfaces, debugging and instrumentation tools, and integrated documentation.
  • SDK includes API (an application programming interface). It is a link between a software application and the platform where they run. APIs are built in various ways and incorporate required programming libraries together with other tools. SDK is required not only for iPhones but for other Apple devices also; like iPad.

Android Tech Stack

If you are up to creating an Android native application, please review the technology stack listed below.

  • Java and Kotlin are the most important programming languages used for Android mobile app development. Java is a highly reputable programming language with vast open-source tools and precious libraries to assist Android app developers. Moreover, Kotlin is a more stable and appropriate option for Android Studio. Within Java, you will have definite limitations that further impede the Android API design. Whereas Kotlin is clean and comparatively less verbose. Kotlin is designed specifically to improvise the existing Java models.
  • Android Studio is specifically designed for android development and it provides code editing, performance tooling, flexible system, debugging, and above all instant build & deploy the system. It helps you focus on creating exclusive and quality apps.
  • ADT (Android Developer Tools) is another toolkit that helps you gain full support to develop an android app. In addition to android specific coding support, ADT also helps developers use different bugging tools, graphical UI builder, and moreover a fully extended and automated scripting support.
  • Android SDK helps developers write programs with the latest features. So, it is vital to develop each version of it for a particular mobile phone. The components and the third-party add-ons of Android SDK are available to download separately.

Cross-platform Mobile App Development

This approach is used to develop apps usable on multiple mobile platforms. With the help of a single code base, it helps developers create a Standout business app for your company. These apps will be adaptable to various devices.

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Cross-Platform Tech Stack
React Native + JavaScript & Typescript, and Xamarin + C# are some of the frameworks for developing cross-platform apps.

  • React Native, a JavaScript framework, is used to write mobile apps that look natural on not only Android but also on iOS. It uses the same UI building blocks for both; iOS and Android apps. Just put the blocks together with the help of JavaScript and React. It introduces a fresh, fundamental, and moreover highly functional attempt to create a constructive user interface. With this tech stack, your app is recorded and run in JavaScript, but the app UI will be fully native.
  • Typescript is another language to build cross-platform applications. It imparts some good features that quickly and easily detect errors while writing React components.
  • Xamarin is a cross-platform tool that helps experts share a good amount of code across all major platforms with the help of C# as the core language.
  • C# is a typed language that includes mature tooling and integrated development environment (IDE) support. Applications created with this language are cross-compiled to both binaries – Android and iOS.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Tools like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS together with standard web technologies are used for developing hybrid apps. With the help of various tools, the shared code is covered in a native seal and conveyed ahead as a regular app. These apps function like usual websites; basically, like an app and a web page is delivered in a browser.

Hybrid Tech Stack
The following are mobile app development frameworks-

  • Apache Cordova is a framework that runs on HTML and JavaScript-based in a specific native pitch on a mobile device. Basically, a native device is rendered through JavaScript APIs and HTML-based apps that help in accessing specific functions like sensors and mobile cameras. But, you don’t need to rely on HTML and CSS only, you can create a user interface with the help of PhoneGap also supports various frameworks like jQuery, Angular JS, and Knockout JS.
  • Based on the Angular JS framework, Ionic shares an entire set of advantages with the well-known framework. It is well executed for giving hybrid apps a native look. Like, with the help of DOM elements, Ionic handles one of the major causes of poor mobile performance.

Wrapping up
The mobile app development trend is growing rapidly since more and more businesses are now embracing mobile technologies. If you are craving to develop a mobile app implementing the right technology is a must. Get in touch with the right company to get advice on Mobile App Development. Hire an expert to turn your dream into reality.

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