Mental Health Awareness Month | Depression and Anxiety

We all live with the purpose of being happy, our lives are different but all the same for we live to serve the same purpose of being happy. It was a bright Sunday morning and sunlight penetrated into a dark room, the rays of the sunlight lit the room.

Usually, Anne would wide open curtains of the room, a. would cherish the season, blossoming trees and those greenery laden hills at far distance but today It was a bit different, she couldn’t find energy to do anything, it was hard to motivate herself to get out of her bed, she could have felt her breathing getting more heavy and hard at the time.

Tears were running down her face and she felt an extreme form of despair in some comer of her heart. This all was difficult for her to handle, she never felt anything like this before a couple of weeks. One could have wondered what made once a bubbly, cheerful girl like Anne fall into the trap of extreme negativity?

She grew weaker and emotionally more unstable over weeks, once when she realized that all her coping mechanisms to make her feel better that all included listening to music, going for a walk, watching her favorite drama, reading some beautiful stories a. pondering over the plot of the novels that have failed through the problems faced by Anne, the therapist concluded she was clinically depressed.

mental health is a fundamental component of health

Depression is a mental disorder with a loss of interest in daily activities probably due to a chemical imbalance in the brain. It can be triggered due to many factors — environmental, genetic predisposition, etc.,

Depression had slowly taken over Anne’s normal life her persistent feeling of sadness made it difficult for her to concentrate and she was merely breathing and not really living her life. Over millions of people suffer from various mental health issues and nearly half of them do not seek help due to stigma associated with the fact.

We hardly allow ourselves to believe that we can suffer at the hands of our system our integral and most important component of our brain. Anne none finally sought help and within two weeks she returned back to her normal life.

This dark part phase taught her many important lessons of life one of the important lesson learned was to the fact that someone suffering from some deadly disease like cancer should be taking proper treatment from a certified doctor, then why in case of mental health issues are we expected to cure them ourselves?

The Society we live in is so obsessed with the physical well being of humans that we tend to neglect mental health. We all have sometime or other watched the advertisements and television focused on beauty products and everything else based on a physical reality of humans but none on how to improve and stabilize mental health.

Perhaps the stigma associated with the word mental issue is enough for us, not to speak about it. But maintaining silence on such a sensible topic will bottle up more problems for us.

Good mental health brings peace, happiness, and joy in everything you do. We all have always been wondering at the enormous power and capacity of our brains. Good mental health provokes creativity in human we all have set examples of how one overcome enormous difficulties in their life and created history.

If good mental health can provoke these human beings to believe in themselves and create history then why are we not so conscious about it, We do celebrate WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY but why not take care of our good mental well being every day.

Taking care of our mental health beings with small steps. Daily yoga and meditation, joining a laughter club, taking part in Social Activities and engaging more in creative activities like picking up a hobby. and passionately following our goals are useful.

Working in a proper environment is important We are all stressed, tired from our work therefore not overworking yourself would good. If we overcome any stigma associated with mental health issues and freely begin to seek help then we would grow to become better, more educated and well-informed Society.

One can achieve anything with perseverance one good mental health. Let us all work to build a society that has great happiness quotient, has no stigma regarding mental health issues, has good mental health consciousness and facilities and we will soon grow to become happier and healthy as society as a whole. This consciousness if created regarding good mental health would definitely more the world a better place to live.

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