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3 Key Instagram Marketing Tips for E-commerce Websites Owners

Growing Business on Instagram

Instagram is the ideal platform for owners of e-commerce businesses to advertise their products to a large online targeted audience. They just need to upload visual content which interests these Instagram followers. This helps them ensure the success of their marketing campaigns. These proprietors will also be in a position to carve out a large customer base for their businesses over time. This can fuel the growth of their e-commerce businesses in the market.

How can e-commerce owners generate maximum ROI on Instagram advertisements?

Online marketing experts state that e-commerce owners are always looking for new ideas to market their products on Instagram. At the end of the day, they just want to get maximum returns on their investment from such advertisements. Only then can these entrepreneurs see a significant increase in sales and revenues over time. This is the reason why these specialists suggest they should keep in mind the following three marketing tips:

  • Formulating and implementing a proper feed strategy

Instagram followers generally like to see authentic and aesthetically appealing images. E-commerce owners should ensure the impeccable photos and live videos they upload on their feed meet these two basic requirements. This is why they should take time out of their busy schedules to formulate and implement a suitable feed strategy.

In doing so, the owners should know which filters to use to enhance the images they upload. Only then can these entrepreneurs ensure the photos they publish of their brand products attract the right targeted audience.

  • Curate Hashtags

#Hashtags are a powerful tool that e-commerce owners can use to generate more real Instagram likes from their online targeted audience. In the process, they also, they are attracting a large number of new online customers to their businesses.

This is why these entrepreneurs need to carry out thorough hashtag research. The owners need to compile a list of trending hashtags that are relevant to the e-commerce websites they operate. Moreover, they should update this list from time to time.

  • Always remember to tag products

E-commerce owners should never forget to tag and install call-to-action features on images of brand products they upload on Instagram. Taking such a step makes it easier for their online customers to make purchases when the need arises. Unlike other similar social media networking sites, Instagram has a simple tagging process that these entrepreneurs need to follow.

How to grow your brand on Instagram

It involves the following three steps-

  • They first have to select the shop section, which connects the owners’ business Facebook page with their Instagram profile. After this, the proprietors just have to insert the images of the products they wish to tag;
  • Then the owners have to wait of the relevant notification to appear on their Instagram account before they start tagging; and
  • Once the owners receive the notification, they need to click on the “tag a product” option to upload the images.

Maintaining an active business profile on Instagram can help e-commerce owners take their businesses to the next level. When advertising their brand products on this platform, they need to maintain a proper feed strategy and use the right hashtags. Moreover, they should always remember to tags their products. This ensures they will be able to maximize the returns on their investments.

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