Impact of Virtual Reality Headset on Eyes

The entertainment industry surprises us almost every day with a new and better invention. The advent of virtual reality headset is also one of them. It has redefined the concept of entertainment for both kids and adults. It would not be wrong to say that it is a virus that has affected people starting from age of 8 to 80. Gone are those days when you needed passport and visas to explore the world.

The virtual headsets have successfully replaced them all. Starting from science fiction battlefield to outer space and beyond it has the ability to take you to places you could have never imagined.

When it comes to entertainment it is difficult to find an alternate option to this but what about your eyes? do you have any idea on how much it stresses your eyes? As the technology is introduced recently , no long term study has been found yet, but to make you aware of its harmful effects I have shared some facts about the impact of this virtual technology on your eyes.

(1) Age limitation
The makers of these technologically advanced VR headsets clearly state that the device should not be used by the children under 12years of age. This is probably because a child’s vision develops throughout his or her childhood. Though ophthalmologist suggest that there is no such effect of these headsets. but a continuous exposure to this device can definitely strain your eyes to a great extent.

(2) Immersive, 3D images
The VR technology has an amazing ability to form a 3D environment that goes beyond the boundaries of a screen. When you see through the device the visuals appear so real that it becomes difficult for you to differentiate between the real and virtual world. It usually uses two separate LCD display for each eye. Lenses are fixed in between your eyes and the pixels. It also has a head tracking facility which shifts position according to your head moment. With all these complex technology you can clearly understand how much it damages your eyes if exposed for a long time regularly.

(3) Dizziness and motion sickness
A moving image that you are watching sends your brain the same signal it receives during a real physical movement. this is the reason why it can even cause dizziness. If you are someone who is vulnerable to motion sickness on a danger ride, you are more likely to get affected by this. There is a specific term used for such illness and that is cybersickness. It is a medical condition that is caused by the VR headsets.

(4) Eye soreness and trouble focusing
In multiple cases it has been observed that VR causes nausea, which has no connection with motion sickness. This is because while seeing a 3D movie or VR your eyes and ears receive observations that do not agree with your other senses. The theory says the disagreement between your senses and ears make you sick after a period of time. Experts say the VR might also affect your ability to focus interchangeably between close and far objects.

No specific study has been revealed yet to show you how the virtual reality is harming your eyes but it is advised to not to use it for an extended period of time. In case you notice any discomfort in your eyes due to prolonged usage of these headsets, do not hesitate to contact on eye optical Brampton clinic for an immediate aid. To keep your eyes safe from the harmful effects of VR you need to be aware of the facts discussed above.

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