Guide on How to Achieve Quality Sleep at Night

Do you Sleep Better at Night Naturally?

Many people have trouble sleeping at night, and different factors play a role in this regard. Some of these factors might be temporary, such as stress, alcohol overhaul, or going to bed late for some nights.

But some of these factors might have unfortunately become permanent by making a habit out of them, such as binging TV late at night, waking up late every morning, or disrupting your sleep cycle completely.

Even if you are a sound sleeper and none of the aforementioned factors apply to your condition, you may have experienced a little trouble sleeping from time to time.

Some habits can allow you to sleep better at night and can give you quality rest to be able to wake up fresh the next morning, such as adding pure turmeric powder to warm milk before going to bed. If you are interested in finding more about it, then look at the following without further ado;

Pure Turmeric Powder

Follow a sleep schedule

It might be difficult and even dull to have a sleep schedule because everyone wants to sleep whenever they want, mostly late at night. This is no way to get quality sleep; you need to have and follow a proper sleep schedule. Having a sleep schedule trains your circadian rhythm, which is the sleep clock embedded in your brain.

It records the patterns and then builds an automatic response to these that triggers sleep. For example, if you sleep late at night and stick to that pattern for a while, you might not sleep sooner than the intended time.

It happens because a bedtime response is safe within your circadian rhythm that stops you from going to sleep anytime sooner.

Sleeping for 8 hours is accepted as the optimum sleep time worldwide, which should be a part of your sleep schedule. If you can’t rest for more than twenty minutes in bed, then get up and do something else. It might trick your brain into believing that you are tired and help you sleep after a short while.

Pay attention to what you drink and eat.

Don’t eat a hefty serving right before going to bed; it might disrupt your sleep, and the discomfort caused by the food might keep you awake at night.

Be wary of consuming too much alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine. That means to lay low with alcohol, smoking, and coffee as these might keep you awake at night.

Some might say that alcohol can make you sleepy, so why is it among the sleep-disrupting agents? While it can make you tired at a current moment, but later in the night, it might disrupt your sleep while making you feel hungover and uncomfortable.

Drink Turmeric powder infused milk.

Drinking warm milk can make you feel better at night and allows you to take a wonderful nap as well. But some options work better than others.

For instance, adding pure turmeric powder to warm milk can soothe your nerves and allow your body to relax. Its healing and calming properties will activate the circadian rhythm to have a quality-oriented sleep at night.

turmeric milk
turmeric milk and honey drink benefits

You can quickly obtain pure turmeric powder online. Turmeric is also clinically tested to protect against the damages infused from oxidation and solve sleep deprivation problems.

Moreover, there are different pure turmeric powder brands that are easily obtainable. Besides, you can check for pure turmeric powder prices online before buying.

If you are tired of taking turns and tossing back and forth with your blanket at night, then it is recommended that you drink turmeric-infused warm milk at night and see the difference yourself.

Limit daytime naps

Make what you will out of this but taking long daytime naps does disrupt your sleep cycle. If you can then try to limit the daytime naps to an ultimate minimum, a total of a 30-minute nap is appreciated.

It will not interfere with your sleep cycle as viciously and allow you to sleep better at night. Another piece of advice is to refrain from taking late in the day naps and stick to a thirty-minute nap cycle during the daytime.

Physical activity and better sleep

It is better if you engage yourself in some sort of physical activity throughout the day. It will help you sleep better at night and provide you with a medium to channel your stress.

Try to do some cardio exercise as it will exert your body pretty thin and allow the muscles to relax after the experience time is over. It will induce a long and calm sleep at night.


If you want to have a better quality of life, you must maintain an optimum sleep quality. Sticking with the tips mentioned above can help you with it while taking care of the sleep oriented problems for good.

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