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How to Fix Pname Com Facebook Orca Error On Android

Getting Pname Com Facebook Orca Error?

Facebook has over 1 billion users making the social media platform the most prominent social app. Facebook started as an entertainment and social networking platform, but as years went by, there have been incredible changes.

Additionally, cooperates and entrepreneurs all over the world are using Facebook to get closer to their clientele base. With all that, the social media platform needs to continually make changes that rhyme with the increasing demands of different phones and OS.

Some changes, however, are not compatible with Android OS hence causing a disparaging nuisance to the users. This guide seeks to help guide you on how you can fix pname com Facebook orca error step by step.

What is this error?

It is critical to understand what Com Facebook Orca is before we start to solve the error. Pname Com Facebook orca can be described as a package or folder name.

This folder is created automatically at the default storage place on your device when installing or downloading Facebook Messenger on your Android device. This folder’s work is to ensure the smooth working of the app.

What cause of Pname Com Facebook Orca Error?

It is essential to know that when you see this type of error, it is not connected to any form of Malware or Virus. Most people run to deleting the folder pname com Facebook orca, but that is wrong. In fact, deleting this folder will erase all your Facebook chats.

This error occurs because of improper Facebook messenger installation. Your device must have slowed or lagged as you were installing messenger. When this occurs, the application will start to show this error.

How to fix the pname com Facebook orca error on Android?

Method #1: Uninstall/Reinstall

Uninstalling the app then reinstalling is a straightforward way to solve this error. Look for the application’s area then scroll to the “Messenger app.” Press on the app then the uninstall option will emerge

The final step is to Uninstall  and later “reinstall”  the app through the Google Play store

Method #2:  Clear the Cache 

There are always many ways to deal with this error if it becomes persistent. If the one stated above fails, you can try this second method.

The first step is going to your device setting option. Look for the word installed apps or just apps and a list of the applications will show.

Click on Facebook Messenger to get the Apps details. When the details emerge, click on “Clear Data.” When you precise data, the messenger app will be as a new one hence erasing the cause of the error.

Method #3 Combination of Uninstall/Reinstall, Clear Data 

When these two fail, you can try the combination of these two methods. Clear Data, Uninstall, and Reinstall.  Go to the option, setting, get the all apps area then click on messenger.

Uninstall both Messenger and Facebook App. Go to the SD card storage or device Storage. Look for the install application default location, look for the data area

When you click on the Data area make sure to delete both the Orca folder and the Katana folder

When through with that step you can now restart your phone

Go to Google play to down the app. One thing you must know is that this last option will make it hard to retrieve all your chats. It is advisable to store your favourite chats before going through this last process.

Pname Com Facebook katana and Pname Com Facebook Orca are not only ordinary folders. Knowing what these two folders contain can make it easy for you to manipulate them. These two folders are used by Facebook to keep the deleted messenger and Facebook chats, images, etc.

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