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Key Items To Focus While Doing Electrical Inspection

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  • What is an electrical safety inspection?
  • Why do I need an electrical inspection?
  • What happens during an electrical safety check?
  • Getting a Regular Electrical Inspection

Many times, when we find a circuit break or a fault in the wires, we often tend to overlook it. Whether it be your home or workplace, often, people are not aware of the need for an electrical inspection. However, these inspections are as important as the regular service of your vehicle. Ignoring these issues can lead to major risks to the safety of the residents or workers.

Have you ever experienced the light go off in your commercial building due to a heavy load? Or maybe just a break of the circuit at your home? Well, these are indicators for you to avail of the electrical services Toronto immediately. We at Astron Electric have the best commercial electricians in Toronto providing you with high-quality work that you can rely on.

But, what is the process of a residential or commercial electrical inspection? What are the key things that they focus on during the electrical inspection checklist for electrical services in Toronto?

Electrician in Toronto Performing Electrical Inspection

Importance of electrical inspection

It is quintessential to get the electrical inspection done because of the following reasons:

  • Protection from the electrical surges

Whether it be a storm or heavy rain, electrical surges can not just destroy the appliances but also can cause short circuits. During the inspection process, our residential electricians in Toronto look for the points and wires at the place which can lead to this sort of mishap and eliminate the problem.

  • Preventing the fire breakouts

The majority of times, the reason behind a fire breakout at a place is an electrical short circuit. This usually happens due to loose wires or cabling issues in the building. The electrical inspector is responsible for recognizing these faults and rectifying them.

  • Prevention from electric shocks

Often, when you touch a switch barefoot during rains, you tend to experience a little surging electric current in the body. This usually happens due to faults in the wires. Even though the impact is not as disastrous, it can still lead to some mishaps. So, to prevent these issues, it is recommended to get the electrical services, Toronto beforehand. After all, taking the necessary precautions is a must.

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What elements do we look at when providing electrical services in Toronto? Some basic inspection checkpoints must be considered during the electrical inspection process. These include:

  • Meter socket: Check whether it is damaged or is there any detachment of the meter from the house.
  • Service cables: Look for any deteriorating or damaged wires, which can pass the current easily.
  • Grounding system: This system should be installed correctly. Our commercial electricians in Toronto also looking for the coding process.
  • Main electrical panel: Any overloading circuits should be removed. The electrical panel should not be very old or damaged in any form.
  • GFCI Outlets: These should be installed in the correct locations and must function properly. Else, it can lead to electrical outbreaks.
  • Circuit Breakers: Check for any overloading evidence. Are these breakers too large or mismatched?
  • Wiring hazards: Check for any exposed wires in the area of electrical inspection. Look for obvious hazards like power strips or improper extension cords and other such elements.
  • Surge protection: Does the main panel of the home have surge protection. Additionally, the individual appliances should also have surge protectors applied to them.
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors: Look for these detectors in and around the house and whether these are outdated or not. Moreover, check whether they function properly or not.


Tips for electrical safety at the residential and commercial places

Maintenance of the electrical equipment is the key to safety. Electrical issues are inevitable, however, you can surely follow some tips to avoid any hazardous consequences. Some checklists are below:

  • Get regular electrical inspections done: To prevent any small problems from turning into major ones, you must get the electrical inspections done every year. This is a key thing to rectify
  • Check for GFCI protection: To maintain the safety of your house, ensure that all the power outlets have GFCI protection. These include bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas. If you do not have it or it is not working properly, do not hesitate to call an electrician and get it repaired right away.
  • Proper equipment: During the installation or repairing process, use authentic and high-quality electric cables and wires at your place. This will save you from a major of your electrical issues. Moreover, ensure that these cables and wires are manufactured well in accordance with the laws.
  • Check the costs: If you are opting for a complete inspection, ask for a quotation from the service providers beforehand. This will help you check with your budget and avail the best electrical services, Toronto accordingly. Ensure that you complete the paperwork which will be required during the inspection process and even after it.
  • Hire licensed electricians: It is imperative that you allow only experienced professionals to work at your home. You cannot hire a novice for technical stuff, as they can damage the major electrical connections. AstronElectric has licensed residential electricians in Toronto and commercial electricians in Toronto, Ontario to offer you the best services maintaining the standards in regulation with the electrical code Canada.
  • Call East: +1 (416) 422-3865 or West: +1 (416) 929-1700.


Usually, people tend to ignore the aspect of electrical inspections. However, for a smooth-running system, it is essential to maintain it well. You can follow the tips and elements to be considered to promptly fix any issues.

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