Does the Color of Your T-shirt Impact Your Mood?

Have you ever wondered whether the color of your t-shirt might impact your mood? Make you feel happy, relaxed, joyful, or maybe energized?

Scientists have long discovered that t-shirt colors significantly affect how we feel, communicate, and send signals to others.

Every morning when standing in front of your closet and choosing between red, grey, blue, or another tee color, you might as well be choosing how you want to present yourself.

But does the color of your t-shirt impact your mood too? Let’s dig deeper.

The meaning of colors

Colors had meanings for centuries. In certain cultures and religions, only a specific group of people could wear a particular shade, and sometimes a color would signify their unique standing in society.

Just think about monks in Tibet wearing their orange robes or all the Christian church hierarchy wardrobe. And in Tudor’s England, nobody but royals could wear crimson.

Color also helps us identify important social professions, e.g., doctors that wear white or police in blue, much easier.

All in all, it’s clear that colors do have a deeper meaning.

T-shirt Colors and Mood

But signifying a societal role is not the only meaning that colors give out. Scientists have long discovered that colors affect our feelings, emotions, mood, and stress levels.

Naturally, humans often associate the colors of objects or spaces with those naturally occurring in nature. So, for example, blue will remind us of the sea, sky and make us feel calmer and happier. The same goes with other colors though there are no strict rules and some color meanings can differ from one person to another.

Interestingly, there’s research indicating that colors can affect not only our emotions but also bodily experience – lower down heart rate, even out breathing, etc.

Since the clothes we wear are so close to us, the color of the t-shirt can undoubtedly affect our mood and well being positively.

So if you want to set a tone for the day or make a switch after a stressful morning, change your t-shirt! Here are some of the most common t-shirt colors and meanings behind them.


Green is the favorite color for many, and there’s no surprise. It reminds us of nature, forests, calm, harmony, and freshness.

When wearing green, we’re not just projecting peacefulness; we also transfer that same peacefulness to ourselves.

So when you feel like you could use some balance and need to reduce stress, put on a green tee!

best t-shirt colors
T-Shirt Color Combinations


Another classic color that’s calming and aids focus. On a day when you know you need to zone out the distractions and get things done, choose a blue t-shirt.

Blue can also put you in a spot of a mediator in stressful situations and work or home, so if you know you’ll need patience, it’s your best choice too.


Even a five-year-old will tell you that yellow is a happy color! It’s probably related to the sun, the symbol of health and happiness.

A yellow tee will brighten even the moodiest day, so when you know you’ll need a boost of energy, try wearing one!

As bright yellow can sometimes be a little too much, find a toned-down shade and a nice, high-quality t-shirt like the ones from Fresh Clean Tees to both radiate happiness and look stylish. Find the best t-shirt colors and color combinations in Fresh Clean Tees selection of tees.


According to Vogue, grey denotes fortitude, something that you can hang on to that will always be there for you. Maybe it’s that feeling of stability that makes many people gravitate to grey t-shirts.

While grey may not feel like the most positive color in general, and too much of it can cause bouts of melancholia, sometimes we need something comforting. And that’s when a grey t-shirt can be all it takes to feel grounded.


Purple is a luxurious and royal color. Just look at all the palaces and churches! Purple is said to invoke creativity and lightness, so it can be a great boost when you’re feeling a little low.

A purple t-shirt can also make you feel special. Sometimes we end up in a rut and need external forces to get us out of it. That’s where purple can be your savior!

best t-shirt colors and combinations
Wear a T-shirt and look amazing!


Science of People says white is associated with cleanliness and perfection.

It’s also a calming color that can provide comfort and hope. Maybe that’s why a white t-shirt is an ultimate favorite by many?

White also creates trust, so if you want to appear trustworthy, it can be a great choice.


Red equals passion. We also draw red hearts showing our love.

Red energizes and makes you feel empowered, but it can take you over the edge if you’re already in a heightened state.

That’s why you should be careful when choosing that red t-shirt one a day when you need to be focused on work or other important tasks that require attention.

Red is excellent for when you’re looking to enjoy yourself and have fun, so if you want to get those good emotions going, a red tee is perfect for going out.


Orange, just like red, is also quite intense, but it’s a toned-down version of it.

An orange tee is an excellent option for those who want to get their creative juices flowing, feel more positive but don’t like red or yellow.

It can also invoke enthusiasm, excitement, and warmth.


Pink might be thought of as a girly color, but that’s just old societal norms talking.

Light pink can be very calming, so if you want a day to go by without any drama and stress, opt for a salmon-colored tee!

For others, pink can signal that you’re romantic and loving, so it’s a great choice for, e.g., a date!


A black t-shirt is a wardrobe staple, and while black might be associated with darkness with some, it doesn’t have to bring you down!

Black can make you feel elegant, a little luxurious as well as relatively neutral. That’s when you’re not sure of how you feel now or how you want to feel later, a black t-shirt is your friend. It leaves space for just being.

What is your favorite colors, do comment below.

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