Impacts of Coronavirus Travel Ban on International Education

Coronavirus outbreak which took place at Wuhan city of China started on 12th December 2019 has created a massive health emergency worldwide. This has led to much severe death all across China. The emergence of coronavirus is happening due to traveling to the affected city and working with infected persons.

What is the source of coronavirus infection?

Coronavirus has emerged from the Huanan seafood market in Wuhan. The spread of the virus from bats is being considered as the source of transmission of the disease but it is not yet confirmed.

How does the coronavirus spread?

According to the WHO website, it is a respiratory disease that is spreading through coughing and sneezing from an infected person. It can be spread through the respiratory droplets from a cough or sneeze or used tissue papers, infected hands, etc.

As of February 7, 28 countries have been affected by the Coronavirus like Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, India, the Philippines and the U.K. Among these the highest number of reported cases is from Singapore I.e.33.

In China, the death cases are rising day by day and till now 811 have been reported. The number is reaching with drastic increase and is severely affecting people. Schools, universities, offices are getting shut with the virus outbreak.

What are the coronavirus symptoms?

The symptoms of the coronavirus include difficulty in breathing, chest infection, bilateral lung infiltrations, coughing, sneezing, etc. these symptoms can reach a severe level if not treated on time.

Impact on education with the travel ban

Due to the severe outbreak of the coronavirus, the WHO has issued a travel ban on the students. Several countries are trying to rescue their citizens who are studying in the affected area of China.

This has impacted the china tourism as well as tourist places such as Thailand and Singapore are getting off the traveler’s list. Most of them are canceling the travel plan with this outbreak to be safe.

Coronavirus is not only impacting the health it is also impacting the education of the students. Many students are leaving the country and tourist spots and heading to their hometown as it can affect them as well as it can reach to their country.

With the travel ban, students are not able to continue with the studies and are hoping to continue again soon. With this many students are seeking online options to complete their studies by which they are taking online exams and assignment help online.

Australia, the US, New Zealand are among the countries that have banned the entry of foreigners traveling from china. Many airlines of various countries like the UK, India have suspended all the flights.

The coronavirus has affected Chinese students in many ways like disruptions in studies, part-time employment, accommodation, future plans, and most importantly mental well-being.

Australia has experienced a sudden drop in student numbers with this outbreak which they never felt before.

Around 46 % of Chinese students are studying in the post-graduate program and are significantly reducing the numbers day by day that somehow will make it cancel.

A high impact on the lifestyle of Chinese citizens is increasing each day. The situation is becoming worse and most importantly education for the Chinese students as well as foreigners are showing a decrease.

Australian universities are scrambling to consider a wide range of responses like

  • Online courses are being held
  • Online assignment help
  • Arrangements of courses around semester beginning
  • Welfare support program for Chinese students by extending the semester programs, counseling help, special helplines, coronavirus information help, guidelines to protect from viruses, etc.
  • Support with visa issues, employment arrangements, family connectivity, and accommodation, health care are also some of the help provided by the Australian Universities.
  • Assignment help through online tutors
  • Fee refund and rearrangement

The Who has released every information to date on their website to know better about the disease rather than following the myths online. Various questions and answers are been posted so that students who are suffering or want to enquire about anything related to it can read.

With many solutions posted online, there are so many problems that are occurring related to solutions. The online learning experience is itself very complex and does not guarantee whether a student will stick to the program or not. Online learning comprises of many pros and cons like no internet facility, low quality, little or no face to face interaction, the requirement of self-discipline, etc.

With the coronavirus outbreak, outsiders are simply getting rid of anything associated with Chinese especially foreign students are being called to their countries with the help of the embassy. Many are sending their own airline to rescue the children.

The impact on education is getting reflected at a bigger stage that is impacting young minds deeply. They are not able to enjoy their college days and are being pushed away from family and friends so that they do not make any contact.

Many myths are getting generated on various online platforms. All this is creating a massive effect on their mental and physical well-being.

Education is an important tool that transforms society and improper education can lead to economic and unhealthy factors that not only affect the minds of the students but their future as well. With unemployment, it will attack the economy and many other factors will also be joined.

The following are guidelines for the traveller to follow:

  • Avoiding close contact with a serious respiratory problem
  • Safe transportation of indicative travelers to hospitals or designated facilities.
  • Medical equipment for foreign travelers to detect symptoms of coronavirus.
  • Frequent hand-washing especially after direct contact with ill-people
  • People who are suffering from the disease must maintain coughing etiquette like keeping distance, covering the mouth and nose properly and discarding of used tissues in place.
  • Avoiding close contact with dead animals whether farm or wild.

A safe and secure environment is needed for living and especially for students who are studying with all their money and efforts. To combat this problem there should be an alternative to complete the studies without affecting health.

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