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A New Financial Company Let’s You Use Cash Online

Since the internet first started, people have always wanted to use cash for purchases. The reasons are pretty obvious, and the main reason why people prefer using cash is the prevention of credit information theft. The problem was, it was impossible, until now.

A new service called CashtoCode allows you to scan a QR code presented to you online, at a local store, and pay with cash for anything.

How Does CashtoCode Work?

So the first thing you want to do to pay with cash using this service is to find the product you wish to purchase. The service is catching on, and today you can buy anything with it.

The variety is immense, and you can find all kinds of services starting for tangible products such as clothing or gadgets. Or you can purchase online services such as playing in CashtoCode casinos, or streaming videos using CashtoCode.

CashtoCode-AppOnce you have found the product you intend to purchase, move to the cashier’s area of the website, and choose CashtoCode as the deposit method.

The page will redirect you to the CashtoCode website, where you will receive a QR code and also a list of locations where you can pay for it, close to you.

Take this QR code to the nearest location, let the cashier scan it and pay. That’s all you need to do. Funds will be available in your account instantly, and the products you purchased will be yours.

Where Can I Use CashtoCode?

Many online stores and services allow you to pay with CashtoCode. You can buy literally, anything.

Why should you use CashtoCode?

Using CashtoCode is excellent for many people, for many different reasons. The reasons for using cash online may change depending on the country you live, and the local financial laws. However, it is almost sure that in your country, there are benefits to using cash, too.

Most prefer using cash to avoid sharing their credit information online. If you only pay for the services you purchase, and only with cash, no one can steal your information. CashtoCode brings something new to the table that everyone can utilize.

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