Why Do Candidates Use Temp Agency Bay Area to Seek a Job

The San Francisco Bay Area, well known as the Bay Area, is a populated area around San Francisco; it is the Home of approx. 7.75 million people. North California’s nine-county Bay Area consists of many cities, towns, airports, and national parks, all connected through a composite multimodal transportation system.

Various major organizations’ headquarters exist in the Bay Area. Among the Fortune 500 entities located in this area include technological, pharmaceutical, financial, and biotechnological companies and many more.

According to the bay area population, most of its workforce approaches various temp agency the Bay area to get jobs according to their skills, qualification, and experience.

While spending several hours seeking through job boards manually and online postings, the potential workforce may have thought to reach for a job opening through a temp agency bay area.

The biggest limitation is having less knowledge about how temps work, which may have restricted applicants from submitting their application forms.

It has proven that engaging with a temp agency bay area (also known as temporary agencies or staffing agencies) can facilitate the job-seeker in numerous ways.

In the subsequent part, we have explained the general concept about how the world of temp agency bay area works for its workforce!

temp agency in bay area
Recruiting & Staffing Agency

What is the benefit of a staffing agency?

Job-seekers can take the assistance of temp agencies to seek a job for them in a short period. Or you can say that it normally has been considered a method to set their foot into a door to achieve a full-time job or gain experience in their relevant field of work.

On the other side, employers take advantage of the temporary workforce to complete their work effectively while finding more permanent employees.

Recruitment procedure of temp agencies:

Same as any other job, an applicant has to apply for the job online or manually. The recruitment agency held the interview and performed adequate screening to compare him with a specific and appropriate work that suits him.

Temp agency bay area places the candidate on different jobs with the entity already under contract. Those contracts define the type and span of work, the candidate’s duties & responsibilities, and their remuneration packages.

The recruiter held a consultation where the candidates fill up an info sheet relevant to their strengths, weaknesses, experience, and expertise.

The applied candidate has to present their curriculum vitae to the recruiting agency; if it’s a new start in the field, the recruitment agency helps them make one. Most of the time, agencies want a references list to scrutinize the background of the job seeker. The interview procedure is all the same as if a candidate applies to an entity directly.

The temp agency bay area and organization staff members generate the queries relevant to their experience, expertise, introduction, and strengths & weaknesses.

They can also enquire about the basis and circumstances against which the applicant left their last employers.

In addition, a candidate may ask to examine their skill and its strongest level against the work they applied to perform. For example, if he has applied for a typist job, he will give an exam about his speed and accuracy of typed words per minute.

Remuneration packages and working schedules:

If a candidate works with a temp agency in the bay area, his plans can change considerably depending on his choices and what work is there for him. Sometimes, their schedules are unforeseeable, and agency members may call them at any time on short notice.

If a candidate doesn’t want to work on weekends or night shifts, he should raise his concerns and let the employer know about their schedule limitations.

The temporary agency is responsible for employee’s remuneration from the entity they send to work. Staffing agencies charge the entity a negotiated amount/hour from which they take their percentage as well.


Temporary agencies are vital for almost every organization to find the right person for the right job and for job seekers to attain the right job, which should be relevant to their qualifications and expertise.

Working with a compatible recruitment partner is necessary, whether you are a client or candidate. We can say that selecting a consultancy that requires the time to assess the candidate’s characteristics and experiences to effectively match both organization and applicant adds great value in the whole recruitment process.

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