What are the benefits and drawbacks of hiring temporary employees?

The Key to Hiring Temporary Employees

Every business goes through the recruitment process, and common terms are ‘temporary‘ or ‘permanent‘ employees! Temporary employees are the labour force that companies retain only for a short time through placement agencies. Such kind of workforce is apt for people with short term assignments.

And they can get appointed from months to years depending on the requirement. Let’s take a sneak peek at the pros and cons of the temporary staffing in Los Angeles.

Temporary staffs get mostly appointed through the staffing agencies. The firm provides a contract to the agency for the temporary employees and assigns them after proper paperwork. Retaining them for a specific period might be due to several reasons.

They majorly work as a timely replacement for permanent employees who are out on family vacation or maternity leaves. Such temporary staffing lasts from 6 months to a year.

Benefits of temporary staffing Los Angeles

For the past few years, the role of temporary staffing is on the hype! Initially, such employees’ paying positions were low, such as that for general labourers and administrative assistants. And a majority of the temporary employees work in this arena.

hire temporary staffing Los Angeles

However, these days’ firms also look out for temporary employees to appoint them on high-level duties, accounting tasks, and top-level marketing functions. If you are unsure about the leaves of existing permanent employees, staffing agencies can help you find a temporary workforce in the USA. They are much proficient, disciplined, and provide you with timely results.

  • Temporary staffing in Los Angeles caters to the short-term requirements of the candidates.
  • It helps in building an excellent employer-employee relationship for future growth prospects.
  • Companies can carry a detailed check on employees’ potential to perform their responsibilities in a dedicated time slot.
  • It is cost-effective to appoint temporary staff as firms do not have to provide them with additional benefits.
  • The flexibility of making them a part of your entity or stopping right away is an added advantage. Whenever you feel the work burden and need assistance, temporary staffing in Los Angeles works wonders.
  • Temps can meet tight project deadlines and exceptional business demands in terms of work handling.
  • In case the temporary employee registers an exceptional work performance, they can also get hired permanently.

Drawbacks of temporary staffing Los Angeles

You cannot overlook the drawbacks of temporary staffing as well. As there are two parts to every picture, even the temporary workers can be problematic in a few cases.


Training glitches

training employeeDon’t you think it’s a big thing to train a temporary employee for small-time work?

If the firm is already tight on budget and any permanent employee goes for an extended leave, training and pepping up the new candidate is another task.

Agency charges the company for recruiting employees on their behalf and then the training expenditure.

All this can add up to the company overheads and affect the overall profit margins of the firm.

Besides, you might have to shed out several dollars if the temporary employee appointment is for higher and top-level positions.


The list of other common drawbacks goes as follows:

  • Providing adequate training for an employee can prove expensive and time-consuming.
  • A specific date and time sets for appointing the temporary employee for which otherwise you might need some extra assistance.
  • The temporary employee is always under pressure to deliver higher productivity, or the job is at risk.
  • Even the firms pertain a risk that employees might leave the job if they receive better pay somewhere.
  • The hourly pay rate for the temporary staffing in Los Angeles is higher comparatively as they abstain from other leverages like sick leave, paid holidays, vacation, or health benefits.

How to avail optimum benefits through temporary staffing?

The next aspect of the temporary employee is that staffing agencies offer them the latest updates on training. As a result, the employer receives better productivity from the newly appointed labour.

It is therefore always advisable to hire temporary staffing Los Angeles agencies to get quality employees. They also give employees first-hand information about the nature of your firm’s work and explain the work profile.

As a result of this, there would be professional and experienced employees popping into your firm and adding value to your business. This yields a better productivity level on the whole!

Final words

After a thorough review of the pros and cons of hiring temporary employees, it is suggestive that employers must go with this option.

Welcoming and giving equal importance to temporary employees can boost their morale and result in better services from their end.

It also offers a productive hike to your business resulting in overall prosperity. For all these causes, temporary staffing in Los Angeles is an ideal solution to hire an efficient and intelligent temporary workforce.

All you need to do is lookout for a proficient and reputed staffing agency that can offer a talented temporary workforce for commencing business operations!

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