A Beginners Guide to Selling Your UTV Online

Unlike ATVs, UTVs are used for more practical purposes, and you could feel that, after a short while, you need to upgrade your UTV to something that can take care of the extra workload on your site or farm. Here is a beginner’s guide to selling your UTV online.

This means having to sell your existing UTV so that you can get a new one, and you might just be tempted to take it to the local dealership and trade it in for what you can get. However, you might think that you could get more for it by selling it yourself online, and this can often be the case, providing you follow some simple rules.

#1 Don’t Attempt to Sell on Just One Platform

When selling any type of vehicle online, people often get fixated on selling it on niche websites for that make or model, or in this case, one for UTV owners. While this might be a good move, it shouldn’t be your only move. There are plenty of other places you can choose to sell your UTV, which, while it might not be such a specialist audience will certainly widen the scope of people that you can sell to.

You will have to do some online research to find out which is best for your vehicle. However, looking on a certain well-known auction website could not only give you an idea of what sort of price you could realistically ask for your UTV, but you can also pick up some interesting tips on how to sell it.

#2 Supply Plenty of Photos and an In-Depth Description

UTVs are not typically a small purchase, and for that reason, you wouldn’t try to sell it online the same way you would an old pair of shoes or a jacket. You will need to make sure that you take plenty of photos of your UTV (after giving it a very good clean), including all the areas that you know you’re going to be asked about, because they might be common faults with the make or model of UTV that you happen to be selling.

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The description also needs to be detailed. If you are at a loss for words, you can find guides to help you, but in this case, you could start by letting customers know all the necessary facts about exactly what the UTV can do.

You also need to mention how long you’ve had it, and how much usage it’s had. Ensure you mention any little niggles and bad points, as well as make the most of all the good points.

#3 Ensure You Can Arrange Shipping

One of the biggest concerns the customer is going to have is how you are going to get the UTV to them, or how they can get it delivered. This is a problem and means most sellers limit the range of their search for a new vehicle.

If you have a reliable UTV shipping company, like the one found at, set up and ready to go, then you can widen the area to which you are selling, and people can buy with confidence.

Finding the right company is an important step here, as many vehicle shipping companies might not have the specialist knowledge needed to ship a UTV to its new home. Luckily, websites exist where you search and find companies that excel in these specialist areas.

A Few Final Thoughts

Selling a UTV online is not something most people would do, as they feel it could be too much hassle. Instead, they would take it to a dealership and get what could be a very poor deal on their vehicle.

The advent of online selling means that sellers are not just limited to their local area, but can sell countrywide if they choose, provided they know which platforms to sell on, provide a good description with plenty of photos, and have a reliable way of getting their UTV to the new owner. Follow our website for more interesting topics.

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