The Average Profit Margins for Car body Shops

For car body shops, parts and labour make up the entire average profit margin. Nearly all of an car body shop’s revenue comes from the sales of components and labour, but it does not necessarily mean that the profit margins are the same. Because labour profit margins are higher than those for parts, a wise business owner will look for ways to boost profits while reducing expenses.

Car-body businesses do make money from the selling of parts, but perhaps not as much as you might imagine. According to the Car Body Shops Business website, selling components typically earns between 36 and 44 percent of sales revenue, but only 20 to 28 percent of profit. This is due to a lack of control and style. Accessories in particular come and go in vogue, and client tastes fluctuate.

Owners of car body shops consequently have limited control over how much they can justifiably charge for parts. Manufacturers set the price of parts, not business owners, therefore pricing for parts can only be inflated to what a firm believes its customers can afford.

  • Labor Profit Margins

Sales of labour typically generate a similar percentage of revenue as sales of parts, but profit margins are substantially larger. Body Shop Business claims that labour typically generates profit margins of between 50 and 65 percent.

As a result, it makes sense for car-body shop owners to concentrate their efforts on limiting labour profit margins by increasing labour output hours and maintaining labour as the primary means of income generation.

By giving workers greater duties and employing tried-and-true techniques for vehicle maintenance and repair to cut down on mistakes and repair delays, owners can enhance labour productivity.

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  • Technical Costs

The owners of car body shops can enhance overall profit margins by cutting costs in technical areas as well.

According to Body Shop Business, one strategy to cut technical costs is to reduce the number of full-time staff the shop has and, if possible, eliminate part-time roles. Another step is to cut or do away with tool and uniform subsidies and train staff members using outside resources.

Technical cost-cutting strategies should be handled carefully, albeit professionally, to avoid upsetting or disrupting business as usual.

A monthly newsletter is also an excellent approach to alert prospective customers and past clients in advance of any significant future events, such as closures for maintenance, offers, and reminders to carry out routine maintenance and repairs to preserve the beauty and life of their vehicles.

If your company website has a coupons or specials page, customers may easily access these helpful resources.

To make it simple for customers to access them, be sure to include a link to this page in all of your email blasts and newsletter interactions. To attract even more potential consumers, advertise coupons and specials on your car body shop’s social media profiles.


So, location, employees, and equipment are some of the most crucial elements that might influence a business’ success. The decision-making process of the car body repair industry heavily depends on location. Subscribe to our website for more interesting topics.

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