Advantages of cleaning drain from a professional

With the number of things running down the drains, you can only imagine the goldmine of trash collecting at the bottom. No wonder the water from the tap doesn’t disappear as soon as it hits the sink.

The possibility of what adds to the drain clutter is endless. Some items that get collected include globs of toothpaste, tons of toilet paper, wet wipes, hair, cigarette butts and more. In fact, wet wipes make up for 93% of the accumulated material behind blocked sewers in the UK.

On top of that, you can’t discredit the grease, fats, and cooking oil buildup due to improper disposal. It’s hard to get rid of all such blocking items with a simple DIY technique. Even if you succeed in one round, the problem will resurface in no time. So, that’s only temporary relief.

Keeping all this on the table, let’s dive into the advantages of professional drain cleaning:

1. Quick and effective treatment for unclean drains

Let’s be honest here. It takes lots of time to unblock a blocked drain. What’s more, you’d need gloves and other drain-blocking liquid solutions that promise to work like magic. Of course, in real life, there’s no such magic. Therefore, you are left with wasted time and cash.

A better alternative is to get in touch with professional drain cleaning services. They know the mechanism behind unblocking and cleaning clogged drains as well as they know the back of their hand. This translates into zero headaches for you and an unblocked, clean drain that doesn’t smell. Plus, the solution is long-term and effective.

2. Saves you from any future expenses

When it comes to running a house, expenses pop their head without warning. A switch goes off, and another decides to not work for no apparent reason. Or a drain pipe breaks and there’s a flood of dirty, water in your kitchen. Let’s not get started with the problem that strikes your bathroom’s drain.

Drain Cleaning from a professional makes sure that such drainage problems don’t show up out of the blue. In addition to ensuring that your drains are flowing smooth and fast, professional cleaners catch any weakened pipes before they break and result in a bigger problem. Therefore, they help get rid of costly drain problems.

3. Eliminates odor

Anyone who lives in a house knows that accumulated waste gives off an unpleasant smell. That’s a no brainer. The only catch is that no matter which room spray you try you can’t mask the odor completely.

Moreover, the smell may culminate in negative health effects as per the Illinois Department of Public Health. Sewer waste emits hydrogen sulfide gas, which is nicknamed as sewer gas. Typically, it occurs due to the breakdown of the waste material. Smelling the gas does not always make you sick. However, it has the potential to make you ill, so you simply can’t ignore the issue.

Unless you don’t treat the odor at its root of collected waste, it won’t go. The problem with unclean drains and clogged pipes is that a lot of waste accumulates. The gathering of such wastage causes all the foul smell. Only professional drain cleaning services can save the day by identifying and solving the issue.

4. Ensures you have a clean home

This doesn’t need much saying, but a clogged drain doesn’t make a clean home even if the rest of it is spotless. Think of it as a red, shiny car with dirty wheels. However, getting the drain cleaned from a professional can help keep serious cleanliness issues at bay. This also means that you can bid farewell to any unnecessary sanitary concerns and foul odor.

On top of that, an unclean drain can contribute to poor health by aggravating existing health concerns. For instance, coming near wastewater around a blocked drain can result in skin complaints. What’s more, asthma patients may have regular asthma attacks if they come near a blocked drain. The same is true for those with allergies or sensitivities.

5. Boosts the life of your plumbing system

Only proper care and maintenance make sure that a system lives long. This applies to your plumbing system just as much as it applies to other working systems in your house. Proper drain cleaning and maintenance from the professionals confirm the longevity of your plumbing system.

Without that, your house’s drainage system is much more likely to suffer from blockages. Consequently, the odds of the system breaking down the increase, adding to some major expenses to your list.

6. Reduced clogs and slow drainage

Unclean or improperly cleaned drains encourage the water and the waste to settle along the walls of the drain pipe. This can make the water flow slow, which can be very annoying. Slow drains are telltale signs of pipe blockages or other issues with drainage in the sewer line.

Over and above that, slow drains can promote the growth of mildew and mold. Not to mention, all that leads to bad odors. Plus, clogged drains often demand extensive work for unclogging them. Getting your drains cleaned regularly from a professional prevents clogs, blockages, and slow flow of water and waste down the drain. If there’s any problem, the cleaning solves it up before it grows to suck in more money and cause double trouble.

7. Cleans the outdoor area as well

Poor drainage not only culminates in problems inside your house but also outside. It can lead to standing water that, in turn, can cause issues such as slippery surfaces, soil erosion, and plant death.

Not to forget, such areas of collected water are breeding grounds for mosquitos. All this can be prevented merely by taking the first step of professional drain cleaning. If you notice signs of any such issues, don’t delay your call to the drain cleaning services anymore.

Wrapping up

Put simply, there are several advantages of cleaning drain from a professional. Proper cleaning stretches the life of your plumbing system, eliminates any odor, and helps maintain a clean indoor and outdoor environment.

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