7 Summer House Party Outfit Ideas for Men

Summer’s finally here. Yay!

Summer is the best time of the year for house parties. Since we spent most of 2020 in lockdown, you want this year’s summer season to be as awesome as possible.

But just because you’re throwing a party at home doesn’t mean you don’t need to get dressed. Check out these stylish house party outfit ideas for Men that will keep you looking great and feeling cool:

7 Best Summer House Party Outfit Ideas for Men

1. T-shirt and Joggers

When it comes to summer fashion, being comfortable is the most important thing. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish.

The shirt-jogger combo is an easy way to pull off a comfy and stunning summer outfit. Choose joggers in bright colors like blue, yellow, or green, and pair them with a white T-shirt to balance the look.


A great way to style this outfit is to make sure your T-shirt is well-fitted and the bottom of your pants sits tight or above your ankles.

This will maintain a cool, clean look that’s perfect for the summer heat.

2. Shorts with Casual shoes

If it’s too hot to wear pants, opt for shorts instead. However, ditch the flip-flops and wear men’s casual sneakers for a more decent look.

Shorts are a great way to breeze through the summer in style, but they have to be balanced out with the right footwear.

For example, retro runners, knitted trainers, and chino shorts are best paired with mens’ casual sneakers. If you’re wearing a polo shirt tucked into slim-fit chino shorts, you can dress it up with a pair of boat shoes for a fail-safe smart-casual summer look.

3. Pink Shirt with Bermuda

Embroidered Bermudas are the perfect style for the summer season. For a refreshing look, pair it with pink or any other bright-colored shirt that looks refreshing. Choose shorts that fall above your knees so your legs will look longer and your stomach flatter.

Don’t forget the belt. It’s a crucial accessory for this funk summer look. For your footwear, you can wear leather slip-on shoes to dress it up further or casual sneakers for an adventure-ready look.

4. Breton With Chinos

Yes, Breton tops are back and they aren’t just for feminine looks. Striped shirts are very versatile and are easy to wear. With a bit of styling, Breton shirts can suit all occasions and seasons.

If you want it simple and classic, look for subtle colors like white, grey, navy, or black. But since it’s summer and bright colors are everywhere, it’s the perfect time to do multicoloured, odd combinations.

Try some interesting yet simple patterns like horizontal, vertical, or evergreen stripes. Whatever you choose, always try to get a tailored striped shirt that nicely fits your body.

5. Fresh Prints

Summer’s the best season for loud and screaming patterns. Even if you’re not the print and pattern guy, looking great and confident in this style is easier than you think.

round carpet for home

You don’t have to go all out with a Hawaiian look. Here are some tips to get more comfortable with prints and patterns:

– Swap in one item that’s slightly bolder, like a subtle pattern.

– Next, take that item up a notch and leave the rest of the outfit as it is.

– Test your comfort level by seeing how far you can go in terms of adding prints and colors.

– Choose a solid neutral base color to balance the print and pattern in your overall outfit.

Your home party setup is important too. Consider using light-colored round carpets that make your room look bigger and fresher. You can also add pops of colors on the walls to lift the vibe and energy during your summer home party.

6. Vest, Hat, and Pants

Summer’s the best time to flex your muscles and abs by sticking to a vest and jeans. After all, summer parties are all about wearing sleeveless and flaunting the figure you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Stick on a hat and wear casual sneakers to complete this look.

7. Hoodie and Boxers

Hoodies are an all-season favorite. They are super comfortable too, which makes them the best outfit for a house party. Choose a simple or casual hoodie. For a refreshingly fun summer look, pick breezy boxers in bright colors like orange, yellow, or blue.

Final Words

When deciding on your Summer house party outfit ideas, always keep it light, cool, and breezy. That means your selections include t-shirts, shorts, and pants in breathable fabric.

For your footwear, opt for something casual, like a pair of stylish sneakers. But if you want to dress it up a bit, you can match your outfit with slip-on shoes or boat shoes.

Lastly, refreshing colors are the best option but if you’re not comfortable, you can always stick to neutral tones. What’s more important is that you feel comfortable about your look. Do you have more Summer house party outfit ideas? Do share your comment.

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