7 Successful Tips for Thrift Store Shopping

Reasons Why Thrift Store Shopping are Awesome

Thrift store shopping has become very popular in recent years. Surveys have shown that almost 20% of Americans go shopping at a thrift store at least once each year. Have you turned into a regular at your local thrift store? Or are you thinking about going thrifting for the first time? Either way, there are some tips for shopping at a thrift store that you should keep in the back of your mind while you’re doing it.

Take a look at seven thrifting tips that will make your next thrifting experience a total success.

1. Look for the Best Thrift Store in Your Area

There are well over 25,000 thrift stores scattered throughout the country right now. This likely includes at least a few thrifting options in your immediate area.

You should do your homework on the different thrift stores in your area ahead of time and find one that you like. You can probably read through some online reviews of local thrift stores to see which ones people in your area like the best.

You’ll have more fun thrift store shopping when you’re at a store that cares about their appearance and goes the extra mile to provide people with great products. So be sure that you’re shopping at the right thrift store from the start.

2. Think About What You Want to Shop For at a Thrift Store Ahead of Time

When you first walk into a thrift store, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. There is just so much stuff crammed inside of your average thrift store!

With this in mind, you should have some general idea of what you’re going to buy at a thrift store ahead of time. If you’re shopping for, say, DVC resales right now and you want to try to find some great Disney gear to go along with it, make it your mission to find Disney stuff during a thrifting trip.

You’ll be better off taking this approach as opposed to just blindly walking into a store without having any idea of what you’re looking for. It’ll give you a strong sense of purpose from the second that you walk in.

3. Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Shop Around at a Thrift Store

Even if you know what you want at a thrift store, you’re still going to have to devote a decent amount of time to find it. You should give yourself at least an hour (or maybe two!) to shop around at a thrift store shopping near me during a single trip.

If you don’t give yourself plenty of time to do thrift store shopping, you’re inevitably going to have to skip over certain sections in a thrift store. This could lead to you missing out on making a great find.

Thrift Stores Near Me
Shopping from a Thrift Stores Near Me

4. Browse Around in All the Different Parts of a Thrift Store

vintage and thrift shoppingMost thrift store employees will try their hardest to keep things organized. But there are still going to be some times when the inside of a thrift store is in disarray.

Men’s clothing will end up mixed in with women’s clothing. Kids’ clothes will work their way into the adult sections.

And generally speaking, there just won’t be any rhyme or reason for why certain things end up where they do.

Because of this, you should always browse around in all the different parts of a thrift store if you can.

You might be surprised to stumble upon something that you like in a part of the store that you wouldn’t have thought to look at.

5. Evaluate Items at a Thrift Store Carefully Prior to Purchasing Them

Just about everything that you’ll find in a thrift store is going to be pre-owned and used in the past. As a result, there are going to be some things that won’t be in that good of shape.

In some instances, it’ll be obvious that something isn’t in good shape. You’ll see a big hole or tear in a shirt and know that it’s not coming home with you.

thrift stores

But in other instances, you might overlook a minor imperfection in an item in a thrift store and then see it when you get home. It can really put a damper on a thrift store shopping trip and make you wish you had paid closer attention when buying something.

Always evaluate everything that you buy at a thrift store carefully prior to purchasing it. It’ll help you steer clear of having buyer’s remorse later on.

6. Consider Bringing a Friend Along With You to a Thrift Store

Thrift store shopping can be fun on your own. But it can be even more fun with a friend!

A friend will be able to help you find things in a thrift store that you may have missed on your own. They can also help you make decisions as far as whether or not to buy things.

You’ll have a good old time when you find a friend who loves thrift store shopping as much as you do. Don’t be afraid to ask them to tag along anytime you hit up a thrift store.

7. Practice Patience While Shopping at a Thrift Store

There will be times when you’ll walk through a thrift store and see tons of things that you like. But there will also be other times when you’ll struggle to find a single item that you want to bring home with you.

It’s important to be patient when you’re thrift store shopping. If you don’t find something you like during a particular trip, chalk it up as a loss and come back again in a few weeks rather than forcing yourself to buy something that you might not ever wear or use.

Put These Thrift Store Shopping Tips to the Test Sometime Soon

If it’s been a while since the last time you set foot in a thrift store or if you haven’t ever gotten around to going to a thrift store, change that today. Head down to a local thrift store and try these thrift store shopping tips out.

These thrifting tips will make your trip more successful than it would be otherwise. They’ll also get you excited about going back to a thrift store again. Find more useful shopping tips and tricks by reading the articles found on our blog.

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