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7 Easy Ways to Get More TikTok Followers Right Now

Whether you’re a business owner looking to expand your outreach or someone trying to grow your personal brand, TikTok is a fantastic platform to use. 100 million Americans use the app each month, and 50 million Americans use it every day.

Yet while the opportunities that TikTok can offer are nearly endless, most people need a sizeable following to enjoy them. If you’re new to or unfamiliar with the app, this can be a challenge.

So what can you do to get more followers on TikTok?

Keep reading to learn about seven different ways to get more TikTok followers.

1. Have a Target Audience in Mind

With so many people using TikTok, the number of interests and hobbies that people have is vast. Instead of trying to cater to all of them, you’ll find it much easier to make a name for yourself if you find a niche and stick to it.

Try to have an idea in your mind about what sorts of content your target audience will like and dislike. Make sure to make videos that you enjoy putting together, but always think about how your audience will receive something before uploading it.

If you’re just starting out on the app, try doing some cross-promotion. Ask your followers on Instagram or Twitter what they would like to see then bring that to TikTok.

2. Take Advantage of Hashtags

Most social media gurus understand the value of # hashtags. They allow people who don’t follow you to stumble across your content. If they like what they see, you may end up getting some new followers.

For the most part, you’ll want to find a balance between hashtags that are too specific and too general.

For example, if you use #travel, anything you post will end up getting lost in a multitude of beach and mountain videos. On the other hand, if you use #My2019TripToCostaRicaWasAmazing, few if any people will find your content.

3. Be Consistent With Your Posts

Remember that people on social media value consistency. That means posting regularly, even multiple times a week. While making new and interesting content might seem like a chore at times, it’ll help get you the recognition you crave.

If someone enjoys one of your videos, they don’t want to click your profile only to realize that you have a total of three videos. They want to find more entertaining or helpful content, so make sure to provide that.

The TikTok algorithm also benefits people who post more often. By being consistent, there will be a better chance that your videos will become popular and trend.

4. Post at the Right Times

If you use Instagram and Twitter a lot, odds are you know that when you post matters just as much as what you post. Posting at the right times on TikTok can make a big difference.

The same general posting rules apply, but remember that the ideal time to upload an Instagram photo may not translate to when you should post a video on TikTok. To get a clear idea of when you should be uploading, pay attention to your video analytics.

If you have a pro account, you’ll be able to see the exact times when your audience is the most active. Post your content at those times for the best results.

5. Do Trends but With a Twist

If you’re curious about which videos are trending on TikTok at the moment, head to the Discover page. You’ll then see all sorts of videos that are blowing up. Hopping on the trends is an easy way to increase TikTok followers.

Instead of mimicking the trends exactly, try switching them up a bit. That will help your videos stand out. Twisting trends in a fun and creative way is also an easy way to show your followers that you’re not like all of the other content creators. Instead of doing the exact same thing, you had the creative guts to do something different.

6. Pay Attention to Your Bio

If you like someone’s video, what’s the first thing that you do? If you’re like most people, you’ll click on their profile to see who they are. Make sure that you give potential followers something interesting to see when they do the same thing.

Writing an effective bio can be a challenge, but try to tell people a bit about you and the content that they can expect to see on your page. Remember that much of the TikTok audience is Gen Zers, so having a sense of what resonates with them might be a good idea.

7. Collaborate With Others

As you follow the other points, you’ll begin to attract more and more TikTok followers. To take those numbers to the next level, consider collaborating with other creators.

When two creators work with one another to produce content, their audiences get exposure to the other person. This can be an easy way to gain a bunch of new followers fast, especially if you work with someone who has a large following.

There are exceptions, but in most cases, you’ll want to work with someone who operates in the same niche. For example, if you’re a beauty guru, working with someone who posts construction guides might not make a lot of sense.

Get More TikTok Followers With These Tips

Making a name for yourself on TikTok can be a challenge on account of the popularity of the platform. However, by following the seven tips laid out in this guide, you’ll be able to get more TikTok followers and ensure that people everywhere have seen your videos.

Do you now have a better idea of how to increase your followers on TikTok? If you do, take a moment to check out some of our other articles for more helpful guides and tips.

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