5 Ways to Impress your Sex Partner

Having sex is fun. It helps in releasing stress and experiencing pleasure as well. It is the most exciting part of a relationship. Hence, if you are having sex with a new partner, it will be epic and amazing.

A lot of people indulge in hookups and then realize that it simply ends after one night only. It is frustrating if good sex ends after one night only. You need to learn the tricks to impress your sex partner to keep the zeal always up.

You need to make sure that sex is good enough so that you can have a repeated night. If you can satisfy your woman, then she will surely come back for more.

There are certain things that you need to take care of if you want to rock your performance.


Well, you need to show a lot of enthusiasm. You cannot have a laid-back attitude. Make sure that your girl doesn’t ask you what is wrong while you are screwing her. She is probably getting a vibe that something is off because you lack enthusiasm.

couple having sex

Make your woman feel desired. At the same time, do not act very desperate. You need to balance your enthusiasm as well. Work harder to deliver a better sexual performance.

Create Variety

Variety does not necessarily mean trying different positions. It also means invoking raging emotions of hunger and passion in your partner.

Try and be unpredictable.

You need to stand out during your first sexual experience only. Leave your partner chasing for more.

Variety can be compared to a song.

For example, you do not want to listen to a song that repeats its first verse over and over again.

You also want to listen to a chorus, breakdown, and even a solo. No one likes to listen to just one long note. So, make the experience memorable for her as well.

Dirty talk

Women enjoy the dirty talk as well. You can call her your “dirty slut”, “little whore” or “bad bitch”. However, it is important to understand that all women will not be up for this.

So, the best thing to do is just ask her if she enjoys dirty talk or not. This is because if she does not like dirty talk during sex, you might not hear from her again.

So, when you are trying to have sex for the first time with someone, ask some direct questions to avoid awkwardness and embarrassment.

You can also share some of your past intimate confessions with them if they are a good listener. It might help you understand each other’s perspectives more.


You have to make a good impression on the girl. Do not take her to your messy bachelor pad.

It is important to understand that women do not like messy and unhygienic places. Hence, make sure to clean and organize your room. Also, change the sheets of your bed.

Do not get her to a place that is filled with messy corners, rubbish, dirty dishes, and laundry.

It can actually kill the mood. Make sure to even clean the toilets. Spray some room freshener and light some scented candles. In fact, that will set the right tone for your sexual encounter.


Foreplay is awesome, and both men and women love it.

A lot of men prefer to skip the foreplay and rush to the release. At the same time, the actual act of penetration is not very climatic for a woman.

The buildup of the whole event turns a woman on. If you are aroused for a long time, then you might come quickly.

At the same time, a woman’s orgasm is much trickier. Women get various orgasms and thus, they are not done once they come.

They need more. So, it is wise to take your own time for the first time to understand her.


Apart from all of these things, just make sure to have fun. Focus on the intimacy and spice up the romance in the bedroom. You will gradually learn to impress your sex partner while dealing with them personally.

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