5 Questions To Ask A Commercial Printing Company Before You Hire Them

When it comes to choosing a commercial printing company there are multiple factors you need to consider. From the oldest and most time-tested ones like pricing, quality of work, and service to more recent ones like the use of technology, all are important issues that need clarification.

The right commercial printing company can become a major asset that can help your business remarkably. In other words, what you should be looking for is not a vendor, but a partner.

This is why setting aside some time in doing your research, looking at past work credentials, and exploring options is necessary. In this resource article, we are going to list down 5 questions that you need to ask a commercial printing company before you hire them.

Can a commercial printing company help your business?

One fact that almost all businesses need to understand and be foresighted about is the post-pandemic world. Populations in different parts of the world have been locked indoors for an unprecedented time in history.

While digital has become the mainstay during these periods, all of us are simply waiting for things to get back to normal and explore outdoors. This means that traditional advertising and marketing will see a resurgence unlike any other we have seen in history.

commercially printed products

A commercial printing company can help you to

  • Improve brand visibility and promote exposure
  • Create brand recall and identification
  • Help push discounts, promotions, and offers
  • Explore multiple new engagement areas of advertising
  • Boost physical footfalls, sales, and revenue generation

According to Rex Three printing, if you are looking to give your physical business a shot in the arm, you need the help and support of a commercial printing company.

5 Questions to ask a Commercial Printing Company before hiring

1. Can you share a Price Quotation?

This is a rather elementary question. However, fifty percent of all commercial printing companies will stop giving you a price quotation.

This is because any form of pre-decided paperwork will bind them and not allow them to charge extra post-work completion. A professional and credible printing company will have no issues sharing a price quotation.

2. Will you be able to help with Design?

Most small businesses do not have the necessary resources to invest in setting up separate design resources. This means that you need to be dependent on the printing company with regard to your design requirements.

It also ensures a much more streamlined process that can help you in improving the overall output. This solves a lot of the problems of SMEs.

commercial printing
designing your marketing materials

3. Is there any demo that you can share with me?

Before you invest money into something, you would like to see some results. This means that you need to see how your business is getting reflected in the eyes of someone else.

Seeing some actual samples of your brand work can help you get a good idea about whether you will be partnering with the right agency or not. This can help you become confident about the costs.

4. Do you help with offering some past References?

The best commercial printing companies are not hesitant in sharing contact details of past businesses they have serviced. In fact, they take a lot of pride in their good work quality and output.

Enquiring references is something that you as a future prospect should do. Talking to others can help you understand the quality of work of the printer.

5. What kind of technology are you using?

Printing technology has progressed by leaps and bounds. It is essential that if you are choosing a commercial printer, they are using the latest technologies.

commercial printers

Not only this will help in creating high-quality prints but also cut down on production and turnaround times. It also helps in using the same resources on both offline and online mediums.

The Bottom Line

By asking all the above-stated questions, you will be in a position to make the correct selection. If you think some more questions can be added to the list, let us know in the comments below. With the world coming back to normalcy once again, you must work with a commercial printing company for all your traditional marketing needs.

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