5 Easy Steps To Generate A Pay Stub

What Is Pay Stub?

A pay stub is a report given by a company that details a member of staff’s total pay, withholdings, and net pay. Pay stubs are generated with payment vouchers, so each worker earns a new pay voucher for each period of payment. Additionally, a checkstub or a paystub is helpful for employers to help them compute their salary disputes and tax.—

A pay stub can either be a paper payment cheque or in digital form. The digital form is often sent to staff members or released online to verify automatic payments of their payouts.

Pay stubs are further used in payment tips, salary statements, earnings statements, or pay slips. Before going to the steps of generating payment stubs, let’s note the different components.

Components Of A Pay Stub?

A paystub is made up of different units; the pay stub reveals the gross pay an employee has received, the percentage deducted from each earnings, and the remaining take-home earnings. The segments of the pay stub are as follows:

  1. Total earnings: the total earnings, also known as gross pay, comprises of:

a. Regular wages or salary: This can be an hourly rate or monthly salary
b. Bonuses: this includes all bonuses due to the employee as of the payment preparation period
c. Commission due to the employee is revealed
d. Sick stipends
e. Holiday stipends
f. Leisure compensation
g. Payroll boosts

  1. Total deduction: these are deductions made from the total wage. Some of these include:

a. All taxes deducted from the total wage
b. Social Security tax
c. Medicare
d. Employees insurance premiums
e. Retirement or Pension plan contributions
f. Advance reimbursement
g. Generous donations

The number of vacation leave hours, the remaining sick leave hours, etc., the employee is qualified for are revealed by the pay stub for that current year.

Moreover, for the hourly paid employees, their pay stub includes the following:

  • The hourly payment fee
  • The hours worked at a regular rate
  • Differential shift
  • Tips

5 Steps To Generate A Pay Stub

Creating a pay stub online does not necessarily mean you must have a laptop or desktop. Once the steps below are followed adequately, it is very simple.

Step 1: Provide your company details. First, the following company details are needed:

  • The company name.
  • The company address
  • Email address
  • City
  • Zip code.

Step 2: Provide your employee’s details. The following information about the employee is needed:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email Address
  • Employees Id
  • Address
  • City
  • Postal code
  • Nationality

Step 3: Provide the income details. To get a pay stub done, the income status of the employee is needed:

  • Annual income
  • Monthly/weekly income
  • Cheque number
  • Date

Step 4: Provide your deduction details. All deductions to be made are provided, e.g. income tax, life insurance, loans, union dues e.t.c with the specific amount.

Step 5: check your email to get the pay stub.

Conclusively, A pay stub is a company report given to its employees showing total income, deductions, and net income.


Q.1 Can a pay stub be created for free?

A.1 Yes, when you have all the needed requirements.

Q.2 Can a self-employed person create a pay stub?

A.2 Not really; self-employed people do not receive pay stubs.

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