5 Biggest Market of Diamonds in the World

Diamonds are Forever — Diamonds are one of the most precious stones in the world and are often used in jewellery. They are beautiful and everlasting. Usually transparent, sometimes, due to impurities, diamonds can have some colour like pink, blue or yellow. It is usually a huge symbol of love and care if you get it for someone who is important to you.

However, as with anything precious, people are willing to pay money and because of that and there are some who will fleece you with fake diamond pieces. That is why if you want to buy something made of diamonds, then you must check out a trusted and certified jeweler, like Hatton garden jewellers in London. Here are five jewellery quarters in the world and the biggest market of diamonds where you will find authentic diamonds.

#1 Antwerp Diamond District

The Diamond Quarter or Antwerp Diamond District lies in Belgium and as of 2012, 84% of the world’s diamonds pass through this district. The area is known for artisans who manage the polishing and cutting work of diamonds.

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The area has 380 workshops and 3500 who are engaged in the diamond trade, such as – diamond cutters, merchants, and brokers. More than 80 percent of rough diamonds are bought here and the market is huge. It is one of the oldest diamond business centers and still has active traders and shops.

#2 Hatton Garden London

Hatton Garden in London is a delightful place to hang out in. Not only do you have lots of jewelry boutiques, but there are also some great pubs, markets, and cafes around. This commercial street has some of the best jewellers in Hatton Garden. The stores have experienced artisans who have been crafting jewel pieces for ages.

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Hatton Garden is a midpoint of the diamond trade in the United Kingdom. The coolest thing is, Hatton Garden has a summer festival that occurs for a few days and you just enjoy the ambiance. And if you are looking for flawless jewellery, antique pieces, or a special gift, do check out some of the stores here.

#3 Manhattan Diamond Districts

The 47th street in Manhattan has the known diamond district in one block. Located between the 5th and 6th avenues, it is a primary center of the global diamond industry. One of the largest jewellery districts, you also have dealers selling diamond jewellery here.

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Tasks like cutting and polishing are also performed here along with general wholesale and retail. The street has diamond-shaped lights too! Services related to jewellery like pearl restringing, metal engravings, and watch repairs are also undertaken here. And if you are looking for premier jewellery pieces, with precious stones, then a stop at the 47th street is needed.

#4 Jeweller’s Row Philadelphia

The Jeweller’s Row in Philadelphia has more than 300 craftsmen, wholesalers, and retailers. The oldest diamond district in the United States, the Jeweller’s Row still has the old world charm and one of the biggest markets of diamonds in the world.

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Right from men’s watches and jewellery to women’s wedding jewellery, you will find a lot of options here. You get the finest quality of coloured and white diamonds here.

#5 Diamond Exchange District, Tel Aviv

This commercial area in Tel Aviv is a popular diamond district in Israel. It is the hub of Israel’s diamond industry. The famed Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum has displays of various jewellery models, including one of the koh-i-nur diamonds.


The diamond exchange or the “bursa” is a huge trading complex and around 50% of world diamonds go through here. There are a few jewellery stores around this area where you can make a purchase and a lot of big brands also make purchases here.

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