5 Beautiful destinations in Amsterdam for Family Vacation

Every individual is focused on their deadlines, schedules, and programs. The chaos of our daily life interrupts family bonding. Vacations are just a getaway from our daily stress and noise. Relaxation releases stress and make us healthier human beings. Finally, family vacations should focus only on fun rather than expensive or extravagant.

A smart choice to organize a vacation will be visiting the perks of this tourist-friendly city, Amsterdam and there are numerous beautiful destinations in Amsterdam for family trips. This city is an impressive roaster of cultural organizations, ancient historical museums, lush parks, and perfect picnic destination.

The Beautiful destinations in Amsterdam for Family Vacation:

As winter subsides, the city’s green areas and waterside regions become a whole new character. This city is an eclectic blend of ancient and fashion, culture and nightlife. Here are some of the most beautiful, charming and completely breath-taking places in Amsterdam to enjoy the springtime.

1.     Vondelpark – Unbelievable picnic scenery

This beautiful Vondelpark of 1867, is located in the Old South district of Amsterdam, west side of the city’s Museum Square. The park got its name ‘Vondelpark’, after a monument of the Joost van den Vondel was placed in the park.


The 17th-century Dutch poet and writer became a well-known landmark and people started to call the park as Vondelpark. The park’s incredible ambiance, enjoying the sunshine and attending a show at its open-air theatre is mind-blowing.

The largest green space in the middle of the city is a common meeting spot for locals and tourists. This place allows to relax, play different games, riding a bike through the pathway and enjoy a non-veg sandwich or Dutch beer. This is one of the beautiful tourist spots in Amsterdam that deserves a visit.

2.   Dam Square – Diamond center

Dam Square is the heart of Amsterdam. This peaceful place is home to numerous pigeons and street artists. The 17th-century Koninklijk Palace invites thousands of tourists to Dam Square each day.

Dam Square Amsterdam
Image Credit Pixabay

Several other attractions like the New Church, Madame Tussauds wax museum, and the National Memorial Statue are the beautiful tourist spots in Amsterdam.

A vast range of options includes enjoying local cuisine at restaurants, cafes, and food junctions. Ferris wheel provides the tourists a different perspective.

Hours after hours can be spent watching the street performers and enjoying the annual music festivals. This palace with amazing Diamond Centre is one of the beautiful destinations in Amsterdam.

3. NEMO: Huge soap bubbles

NEMO is the largest science center and is popular with families. This giant hull on Oosterdok offers loads of experiments and exhibitions. The large terrace roof with open-air exhibition Energetica and restaurant on the top is opened for everyone.

The view of this beautiful city of Amsterdam from the rooftop is just stimulating. Kids of different ages can enjoy giant soap bubbles and undergo various experiments in the chemistry lab. It’s really hard to stay back for grown-ups being in front of all the gadgets and experiments.

NEMO offers several exciting things to do in Amsterdam with family members. These include exhibitions, theatre, films, seminars, presentations, and many more to do and discover. It allows kids to learn by touch, sight, and sound.

4. Kinderkookkafe: Incredible concept

This family restaurant is a wonderfully unique concept that is found only in Amsterdam. It has a huge playground and an indoor play area too. This incredible cafe is run entirely by children starting from the cook, serve, bring the bill and clean up, just by taking a little help from the friendly grown-up staffs.


The ingredients of the main course and desserts are fresh, healthy and prices are reasonable. Series of photos on the front counter space showing a variety of items that could be cooked and the ingredient needed. This restaurant is highly recommended.

The place is divided into a restaurant, cooking school and part daycare. In the day time, parents can drop their kids off in the afternoon and get back to eat the meal the children have prepared. The methods of cooking, serving and waiting are taught to the kids. With a reservation and supervision of two adults, kids are allowed to prepare food on Saturday nights. They are also given chances to bake cookies and pies on Sunday morning.

5.   Famous botanical garden and the zoological park

Amsterdam holds one of the ancient botanical gardens that was established in the year 1638, named as Hortus Botanicus. To add some freshness and calm, one can enjoy the rare plants and trees, exotic flowers and a nursery that includes all tropical zones.

Natura Artis Magistra, a zoo can also be seen that is home to hundreds of creatures. Coral reefs at the aquarium, exploring insectariums, butterfly canopy, and planetarium became the heart of the city. This specialized medical garden was established for thousands of plague epidemic victims.


Amsterdam is one of the popular goals in Europe with a charming and metropolitan city that needs to be explored. These beautiful tourist destinations in Amsterdam are famous for their modern progressive attitudes. This amazing city is also known as “Venice of the North” for its well-protected and 17th-century architecture. Picturesque Amsterdam is famous for its canals, liberal row houses, ancient-world charm, bike-centric culture and is a destination that should be on the list for every family vacation.

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