15 Sustainable Small Agricultural Business Ideas

In the United States, agriculture is a profitable industry that has a significant contribution to the country’s economy. It’s also a key player in the global export of farming products. In 2015, it exported agricultural products worth $133 billion to Canada, China, and Mexico. This data clearly shows how agriculture remains a key business in the United States.

Here, we will discuss the 15 best agricultural business ideas to capitalize on business opportunities in this field.

  1. Vegetable farming

vegetable farming

Vegetable lovers are growing rapidly. Broccoli, cucumber, cabbage, pumpkin, lettuce, and spinach are the vegetables that people all over the world consume. These can also be produced in any part of the world. It shows that the vegetable market has great possibilities. So, if you like crop cultivation, it’s the best idea to get started.

  1. Fish farming

In 2017, the global export value of fish and related products was over $152 billion. As animal-protein consumption is low, fish protein is the best source to obtain it. If you have the right structures and ideas in place, fish farming is the best business option.

Fish farming

What all you need to get is some space or construct tanks. Get finger links and raise them for about 4-6 months. Later on, you can sell them based on their weight and size. Which fish breed you would choose, depends on you. However, you can consider trout, catfish, salmon, tilapia and many others.

  1. Pig farming

Pork accounts for up to 40.4% of meat consumption worldwide followed by chicken at 32.4%, beef at 21.8%, and goat mutton at 5.3%. It means pig farming could be a money-making business. The husbandry style you choose will decide the activities of your pig farm.

Pig farming

In case you want to sell pork abroad or fulfill the domestic market, give your business a face. An agriculture logo will spread the word about your business. It will give your pork business visibility and set you apart from those already in the business.

  1. Chicken and eggs distribution network

This business primarily focuses on bridging the gap between the consumer market and poultry farmers. While it’s profitable, it needs relatively little investment to begin.

eggs distribution

Either focus on eggs or chicken or both, the choice is yours. The business requires you to meet poultry owners, offer them a proposal, buy the stock and then resell in the market. Based on your business plan, you can choose wholesalers or resell

  1. Agriculture consulting

Like other consulting businesses, agriculture consulting is expected to see a surge in the coming days. You can offer consultation to farmers and organizations if you are experienced and have knowledge in a specific farming domain.

  1. Herbs farming

The trade-in herbs are expanding owing to their aromatic, herbal and medicinal properties. They are even growing in different segments like preventive medicines, health foods, and herbal components.

Herbs farming

Herbs like mint, basil, aloe vera, and parsley are worth bringing into your everyday life. You need the right equipment to start with this agriculture business idea. Use your shed, garage or build a greenhouse to grow herbs and resell to the consumers or big stores.

  1. Sell fresh fruits

There is no doubt that selling fruits is a profitable business. Apart from growing fruits, selling it is another option to check out.

Sell fresh fruits

What all you need is hygiene and professionalism. People like eating fresh fruits. Besides, you can sell fresh fruit juices too as canned or artificial juices turn people off.

  1. Mushroom cultivation

Mushroom farming is yet another agricultural business idea that can get you good money. The fungi hold much potential to give you an unexpected return on your investment. Mushrooms are known as a good source of protein, minerals, and vitamins.

Mushroom cultivation

The nutritional value makes it a favourite of many people. However, you need to know they are classified into two sections— edible and non-edible. Non-edible mushrooms are poisonous.

Your start-up needs a mushroom shed, polyethylene bags, sawdust, mushroom seeds or spawns, nitrogen fertilizer, ceiling machine, refrigerator and weighing scale as preliminary equipment.

You may not know, but this agricultural business is said to bring up to five hundred percent profit. You can sell it to exporters, hotels or pharmaceutical agencies.

  1. Cannabis cultivation

The legal use of cannabis continues to grow globally. In some parts of the US, now in Canada, it’s legalized. That simply means this sector is growing rapidly.

Cannabis cultivation

It also holds the potential to grow your earnings manifold. However, consult an attorney before initiating weed cultivation.

We also suggest you get your weed logo designed to look different than others in the market. This will also provide you with visibility and boost your branding purposes.

  1. Beekeeping

Beekeeping is one of the best agricultural businesses. Get into this business to produce honey and sell it to individuals who prefer pure honey than white sugar.


Even, supplying it to honey dealers will earn you good money. What all you need is impressive packaging for local and international markets.

  1. Fertilizer distribution

Do you want to help people working with the soil? Be a part of the fertilizer sector by starting your own fertilizer distribution. You can initiate this business with homemade fertilizers or choose from already available ones.

fertilizer distribution

You also need to find suppliers in your area who want to do the business. If needed, you can import fertilizers for bulk purchase.

  1. Farming equipment rental

farming equipment

If your budget allows you to buy agricultural tools, you could kick off a rental business. You can rent out equipment to farmers for a certain period and price.

  1. Flowers farming

Flowers are used for decoration and for many purposes. Therefore, growing flowers is one of the most profitable business ideas. You need your own farm or land to start this business.

Flowers farming

Establish a retail connection with florists in your area for distribution. Entrepreneurs also export flowers and make good money.

  1. Planting services

Planting services

Don’t worry if you do not have your own land or farm. You can still start a business focused on planting crops. You can provide planting services to the farmers and growers in your locality.

  1. Seed Supply

Seed supply

Seed supply is also a lucrative business idea. Harvest seeds from trees and crops and sell them to farmers or even people who need it.


If farming is what attracts you, don’t miss this opportunity to start your own business. Go forward and take your first step toward your dream and earn money.

Pick any of the suggested ideas, strategize and execute your plans. Make sure to give your business a name and a logo for visibility. Take the help of Designhill to create a unique logo for branding purposes. Best of luck!

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