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10 Best Intermittent Fasting Apps [iOS & Android]

What are the best intermittent fasting apps?

Intermittent fasting refers to a type of eating pattern that creates a cycle within a period of fasting and eating. It does not define which meals you should have or when you should eat them.

The most recommended intermittent fasting process is 16:8. This system includes 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating. It serves various health benefits of weight loss to enhanced metabolism.

Another technique is 5:2, which ensures calorie restriction for two days out of seven days, and in the rest five days, you need to have balanced food. You have to choose a particular fasting method according to your lifestyle.

Free fasting app can assist you in controlling glucose level, liver fat, cholesterol, and blood pressure. Here are the lists of apps you can use in 2021-22.

1. DoFasting

dofastingDoFasting App is accessible on both Android and Apple devices. It is among the best intermittent fasting apps. It commences with a short quiz that helps to adjust your app according to your needs and intentions. The fasting app is available to try on Android and iOS Phones.

You can select the fasting plan you want to follow from 6 free presets based on the complexity. Depending upon your health level perspectives, you will get workout advice with the full lesson plan.

Finally, you can track your fasting, weight, and workout records in your profile tab.

Download DoFasting App from Apple Store | Google Playstore

2. MyFast

myfasttrackerMyFast App produces two fasting tracking choices – manual and weekly schedule. You can propose your fasting times before the whole week. This fasting app enables attaching adjustable fasting times and updating them in real-time.

MyFast tracker presents your fasting story and weight loss journey with some charts. These all are the foremost reasons to use the MyFast is a well-rated app available on AppStore and Google Play Store also. This fasting app is available both on Android Phone and iOS Phone.

Download MyFast App from Apple Store | Google Playstore

3. LIFE Fasting

lifeappsWhile most of the apps are just fasting trackers, LIFE Fasting Tracker App is genuinely like your individual intermittent fasting assistant.

When you launch the app, the first thing you will notice two buttons. Touch the + and – buttons to set the amount of time you want to fast that day.

Apart from fasting, you can also check your weight, glucose, and waist circumference. In the Profile tab, you will be able to track your fasting statistics too, thus making it useful fasting apps for Android, iOS. This app is available both on Android Phone and iOS Phone.

Download LifeFasting App from Apple Store | Google Playstore

4. Fast Habit

fasthabit-appThe most exciting characteristic of Fasthabit is its flexibility. Fasthabit fasting tracker has a flash feature, and the free version of the app provides access to details on your previous 10-day fasts.

This fasting app has the advantage to choose days and times for fasting reminders and get notifications about your continuous fast.

Fasthabit is a commercial app on Apple Store and has newly launched its Android version also. It is a free application, and the premium users need to purchase it for one time. The fasting app is now available both on Android Phone and iOS Phone.

Download FastHabit App from Apple Store | Google Playstore

5. Zero Fasting

zero-appUnlock the potential of intermittent fasting to better your health. Zero is among the free intermittent fasting apps that work with your Fitbit watch.

The Zero fasting app allows you to choose from conventional irregular fasting types and also permits you to create your own custom fast.

Unlike other apps, you can track your fasting and weight statistics and also can drop post-fast notes. Zero apps will help you to find articles, studies, and videos to learn more about the intermittent fasting cycle. The fasting app is also accessible both on Android and iOS Phones.

Download Zero App from Apple Store | Google Playstore

6. Simple Fasting

simple-fasting-appWhen you launch the Simple fasting and meal tracker app after installation, you have to personalize your setup. With this app, you can track a lot of things like fasting, weight, fluid intake, etc.

It stands behind its name. If you are a trainee in a fasting experience, you will undoubtedly prefer this app.

The app notifies you when to fast and when to eat during this time. It doesn’t only advise you what to do but also describes why you should do it. These best apps are also accessible both on Android and iOS Phones.

Download Simple Fasting App from Apple Store | Google Playstore

7. Fastient

fastient-appThe Fastient is a useful app among some best fasting mobile apps. It has various fasting plan presets and an alternative to fix custom fast. You can follow and view an archive of the two main areas – one is fasting times, and the other is the weight.

You can also monitor your diet through this app. The app has some principal features. Thus, if you want simplistic fasting tracking app with just a few features, then this might be the best. The app is also accessible both on Android and iOS Phones.

Download Fastient App from Apple Store | Google Playstore

8. Zero Calories

zero-calories-appZero Calories fasting tracker for fast Weight Loss App allows you to customize fasting events. This app sends you notifications to remind you of your fasting times. You can even change your app theme colour.

With the Zero Calories Fasting Tracker App, you can able to track your body measurements such as weight, water intake, ketones, etc.

You can build a fasting group to perform irregular fasting, more friendly, and share your conclusions with friends. The app is also accessible both on Android and iOS Phones.

Download Zero Calories App from Apple Store | Google Playstore

9. BodyFast

bodyfast-appIn BodyFast App, you will be able to find the best intermittent fasting schedules like 16/8, 18/6, 5/2, and others. This fasting app produces easy-to-use tracking. Besides fasting and eating times, it also tracks other vital measurements.

The BodyFast Intermittent Fasting Tracker – Diet Coach helps to determine what happens in your body during fasting. You will receive regular drinking reminders as well. The app has a free version, but premium proposes the “BodyFast Coach,” which introduces more personalized fasting tracking.

Download Bodyfat App from Apple Store | Google Playstore

10. Vora

Vora intermittent fasting app presents 12 types of fasting schedules, which you can follow – from the most common to less familiar ones. You can track your past fasts in a new intermittent fasting app by Vora.

It allows you to experience other candidate fasters by publishing your fasts and engage in the community. Vora is an easy fasting tracker that has all the essential features. It is open both on AppStore and Android’s GooglePlay store.

Download Vora App for Apple Store | Google Playstore


In a nutshell, it can be concluded saying intermittent fasting is a diet that is simple and safe. Using some of these mobile apps can be effective, but performing the diet inaccurately can lead to serious health consequences. It is the best idea to discuss your goals with a qualified healthcare expert before making dietary modifications.

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