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Top Seven Plant Parenting Hacks You Should Know

What is Plants Parenting? Plant care is not an effortless job. Having a plant at the house is almost similar to taking care of a child. While everyone admires having a dash of greenery in their house, not everyone is ready to maintain it. If you need to have household plants in your place, it is important to nourish them with peculiar care.

7 Easy Hack for Indoor Plant Parenting

Houseplants are able to make your home look fresh and healthy. Any carelessness towards the plants can harm their growth. Here are seven plant health hacks and tips each plant parent should know.

The best way out is to know when they want the most prominent care. If you are still searching for ideas on how to maintain indoor plants healthy, read more. You can shop indoor plants online and place them in their comfort space.

When you take home your green friends, ensure that you put them in a space where they get sunlight according to their requirements. While some plants require sufficient sunshine, there are some plants that thrive without it. You can simply have healthy plants if you have in mind the expected sun exposure of your household plants.

1. Lightening up big containers hack

Lighten the burden of large soil-filled containers by adding a layer of hollow plastic bottles, nursery containers, or milk jugs below a third of the pot. Then, fill with potting soil before sowing. Your plants won’t experience and the soil/bottle mixture will make your container extra lightweight.

2. Watering hacks for vacation time

Plants in miniature containers can dry out fast, particularly if you are leaving for a little vacation. One way to keep your little treasures in great shape is to put them all in your bathtub.

Add water to the container, but not so much that the plants are resting in moisture. You want just sufficient water in the base of the tub to increase the moisture levels around your plants.

Also, by arranging them close together they will easily lift the humidity level throughout them. Just be sure to leave the enlightenment on for your plant while you are gone.

3. Shop from a reliable source

Buy​ ​your ​plants ​from​ ​a​ ​trustworthy​ ​source like your nearby market, your preferred local garden center, and specialty shops or florists.

You can opt for online plant services to buy plants online from plant parenting experts on-site means they can answer all your enigmas. Most people who trade or work with plants adore talking about them. We do.

If you’re a first-time plant parenting, withdraw from large department shops and supermarkets where plants are normally stored in basements or dark warehouses.

Check your plant out for yellow scales, powdery mildew, unfamiliar spots, brown tips, & weak stalks as these are symptoms of an unhealthy plant.

4. Maintain moisture

Taking certain random days to water your plants is not a great idea for plant growth. Over-watering and under-watering bring their assortment of problems, hence, looking for a better resolution. Water the plants when about 2 inches of soil from the exterior is dry.

If it must be, you can put a soft material inside the planters such as a sponge. This will guarantee the moisture level of the soil remains sound during the day.

The sponge will hold the water for a more extended time and will keep the plants hydrated. It is a great practice to water plants according to soil damp, and not plan it according to the day or plan.

5. Use a self-watering hack

If you seldom overlook watering your plants, try using a water-wicking system. This system provides your plants with moisture as they want it so there’s never any concern about under or overwatering.

Wick & Grow method, for example, is particularly useful when it gets too heavy guzzlers such as peace lily, nerve plant, & ferns.

The cord or wick gently absorbs water from a reservoir beneath the pot and delivers it to the soil as it drains. All you have to do with a wick method is to keep the reservoir supplied with water every week or so.

6. Use right-sized trowels to avoid scattering the dust

While repotting the plants, the dust spreads all around, making it a slow job. The quick way to do this is to use a tool or khurma. It might not seem like a plant care tip, but it maintains proper replanting and eventually, in plant growth.

7. Invest in quality fertilizers

You must use the most excellent quality fertilizers for plants to secure the nutrients that touch the soil to increase plant growth.

Collectively, they intensify the plant parenting and can fasten its growth. You are also required to ensure that you are using the correct quantity of fertilizers. Overdose has conflicting effects.

Final Words 

Check out our Plant Care blog to acquire more about distinct houseplants & tips on how to maintain your plants alive and healthy.

Whatever plant parenting you prefer to transform your house into a sparkling oasis, you’ll want a smart planter to display your plant baby in. No matter what your technique, there’s a plant specialist that will be perfect with your garden and home’s décor.

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