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What are safety sunglasses? Eye injury mostly happens to workers with improper eye protection or lack of any safety glasses at all. Sun rays cause harm in people’s skin, so some liberally apply sunscreen for their protection. However, it turns out that eyes too are vulnerable to the same harmful effects of U.V. radiation and sunburn’s susceptibility.

In the long term, without the proper eye wear, too much exposure to sunlight can lead to cataracts and other eye diseases. Some even lead to more severe conditions like cancer.

Avoiding the harmful effects of sun rays is better than curing what is already damaged. Wearing safety sunglasses with your hat when you are going out on a hot day is the best solution to avoid damaging your eyes.
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How to Choose for Perfect Safety Sunglasses?

The role of comfort and style in wearing eye protection should not be taken for granted. Most people willingly comply if their PPE is comfortable and suits their style. If you are one of the workers who are required to wear eyewear, style and design is a huge factor for you to always wear one.

There are two types of safety sunglasses, prescription glasses, and non-prescription. The main difference between the two is that regular prescription glasses do not qualify as safety glasses until they meet the standard regulations required by the government.

One way to determine if the sunglasses you want to pass the laws and regulations are looking for the “+” symbol. This mark indicates high impact approval.

Exposure to the sun for a long time can deteriorate the lens of your sunglasses. Overuse diminishes how the lenses resist U.V. and sun rays. So, if you are buying one, make sure it passes all the government’s standard regulations.

Sunglasses for safety and Style

Most people comply with PPE protocols when they are comfortable. Sunglasses are great for fashion while at the same time protects you from the dangers of ultraviolet radiation.

Some safety sunglasses are suitable for outdoor sport. If you likely use firearms or whether your hobby lies in the shooting range, it is advisable to choose safety sunglasses with a high impact rating.

One thing you should also consider is purchasing an elastic band that attaches to your head’s back, just to make sure your eye wear is secured in your head during active sports.


For sports that require acute vision like golf or hunting, you can add tint in your lenses. The colour amber or yellow enhances contrast for shooting. Moreover, if reflection from light gets in your performance, there are wrap-style frame and matte finish sunglasses with anti-reflective coating that eliminates distracting reflections.

If you are the person who comes and goes to your office several times a day, you should consider a photochromic lens. This lens is clear when used indoors and darkens automatically when you are exposed to sunlight.

U-V A and U-V B radiation

It is essential to ensure that the lenses of your safety sunglasses are the same in colour and free from imperfections. Sunglasses have to be able to block 99% of U-V A and U-V B radiation.

Rather than risking permanent damage to your eyesight, it is best to avoid overexposure to the sun by wearing your safety sunglasses. Eye injuries are a critical matter. It can hurt your eye without proper precautions and can be the leading cause of loss of vision. When working with any harmful environment, always keep the safety of your eyes in mind!

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