Discover the Land of Mongols in the Heart of Asia

From Buddha to Genghiz Khan, from spirituality to frenzy the land holds one of the coolest historical remains embedded in the scenic landscapes filled with natural beauty to the carefully preserved nomadic lifestyle.

Sandwiched between China and Russia lies the land of Mongols, which literally translates to “Mongolia”.

A country of approximately 3.3 million warm-hearted and hospitable people, Mongolia should definitely be a bucket list item for people adventuring to experience the colors of Asia.

Tourism in Mongolia has shown a significant increase in the past few years and continues to grow because of its adventurous landscape.

Fan of Jurassic Park?


Yes, you’re right Mongolia is the land where for the first time Dinosaur eggs in fossils were unearthed. Plus who wants to miss the exciting horse/camel rides in the dense sand dunes of The Gobi Desert National Park – spanning a total of 27,000 square kilometers.

The ideal time to visit Mongolia:

Mongolia has four beautiful seasons, an idea of the perfect trip depends on what your favorite season is. Although the locals suggest summertime.

Off-roading adventures:

Having just a 2,244km paved roads web, in Mongolia your wheels will mostly be off the road shaking you out in the wilderness.

Have fun with the Mongols:

Among many other festivals, Mongolia’s Naadam Games Festival is surely the one you don’t want to miss. Naadam is held from July 11 to 13 in the honor of the anniversaries of the National Democratic Revolution and the foundation of the Great Mongol State.

The historically preserved tradition of testing the mettle, Mongolians compete in what they call as the “mannly sports”, archery, horse riding, and wrestling.

Horse riding is very central to the Mongolian culture. The country even has a Khustai National Park full of graceful wild horses running and grazing the green plains with their manes flowing free with the wind.

Camping under the star-lit night sky:

Mongolians are very keen to preserve their nomadic lifestyle which is why even the urbans often move to the outskirts to camp in what they call the ger’ camps to stay connected with their cultural roots. Once inside these vibrantly colored spacious camps will make you forget your own cozy bedroom.


The fresh green tea with roasted lamb chops served with their very special bread will warm you just right to peek out and see above you one of the best star-gazing night skies.

Largest city Ulaanbaatar – The Capital:

It is the industrial and financial hub of Mongolia. Here you can find the fine Mongolian cashmere at the price like nowhere else in the world. It is famous for being pure and indigenous to Mongolia.

The beautiful skyline and the impressive skyscrapers will offer you shopping malls within them, where you can find the luxurious brands you won’t expect in the middle of mountainous ranges.


Your trip to Mongolia will certainly be lighter in your pocket compared to other places offering similar value. It is a pretty affordable place to tap all the fun places within the budget tour plan. With the growing tourism Mongolia is improving its infrastructure to facilitate the people.

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