Redefine Leave Processing with a Dedicated Leave Management System

The dedicated leave management system allows processing employee Leave at ease

The problem of processing leave applications manually has surfaced as one of the significant issues in workforce management. The unplanned and unsolicited absence of the employees turns into mismanagement issues.

The stalling of work due to the lack of staff personnel from one particular department or multiple departments leads to financial losses and damages the brand of the company.

The modern Leave Management Systems can be a great alternative to the conventional leave processing method. The scope of paper-based documentation is completely eliminated and replaced by dedicated solutions to deliver automation-based leave management.

The article shall consider the LMS provided by the HR Software solutions as they are the most sensible choice over all other systems available in the market.

The Indian businesses using the old paper-based approach shall remain in the backdrop to serve as a basis of comparison. So, hang on to get some excellent information on the topic.

Automated Leave Request Acquisition:

Traditionally, the employee seeking a leave has to write a leave application on paper and submit it to their reporting manager. The reporting managers require to process the request once they receive it from their subordinates.

This requires them to access the leave application in terms of eligibility as per the leave policy of the company applicable to the particular applicant. They also need to remember the number of employees who applied for the leave on the same date in the department.

Why Use Attendance Management System?

Moreover, the future requests are to be acted upon while keeping account of all the applications. This is not a favourable situation for the managers as they have other vital functions to look after. Mismanagement in leave processing can lead to labour deficits.

The LMS uses automation to address the situation. They enable the employee to make the leave application from the ESS Portal. The dashboard displays the available leave balance. The system accepts only the leave applications eligible as per the leave policy.

The ineligible ones are rejected by the system itself, and the user is notified accordingly. The valid requests are forwarded to the reporting manager for further action.

Processing and Streamlining:

The computer system notifies the reporting manager of the application. They can access the pending applications and granted requests to make the proper decision regarding the granting of leave.

The employees can directly communicate with the HR and reporting manager as their requests are handled by a single-window system. The company can use the system to build a custom leave policy for all the departments and run it on a common platform.

The leave request is granted or rejected by the authority, and the action is notified to the applicant, and thus, transparency is promoted within the organization. This also helps in the allocation of the workload to the available staff on behalf of the absentee as the firm is aware of the absence of its resources.

The workload is either assigned to a single employee or a group of employees, which ensures that there is no stalling of the project. The management need not struggle with the absence of its human resources.

All the staff members are aware of their subordinates/peers being unavailable on particular dates so that they can manage their work accordingly.

Reporting and Statutory Compliance:

The reporting is the importance of comprehensive reporting has increased in the Indian work culture has increased tremendously in the past few decades. This data is useful for the statutory compliances apart from the managerial functions.

The remaining data is to be validated to calculate the net days payable to the employees. It is also required to access the breakdowns of the deductions made on behalf of the unpaid leaves.

Companies usually maintain a track record of the unused privilege/earned leaves to carry forward them into the next calendar/financial year. The HR usually struggle with such processes when done manually as the repetitiveness increases with low value delivered.

As a result of using automation, the management experiences excellent convenience, and leave processing becomes more methodical instead of being a speculative or impulsive decision-making process.

All the employees are accommodated under a common platform with complete transparency of placing requests. The system facilitates the instant transfer of the requests digitally along with reducing the time taken in processing to almost negligible.

The system removes the complexities of the entire process and the employees to feel confident about their requests. Thus, using a leave management system delivers a lot more value than it costs you, and the number of unsolicited leaves or uninformed absence from work is reduced.

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