Best Libraries Every React Native Developer Should Know

React-Native has gained enormous popularity in the mobile app community. It helps developers produce UI designs with isolated components. The UI toolkits and React-Native Component Libraries together save a lot of your valued time. They make developers build apps easier and faster. Moreover, it gives developers a unique chance to develop one mobile application instead of two. The React-Native framework has a vast library that makes it a more convenient and accelerates development.

Ant Design React

This React UI Library holds a complete set of components and demos with distinct types. It provides NPM (a JavaScript package Manager), web pack, and dva front-end development workflow. This best-in-class UI design language contains all required design and development tools and resources.

Native Base

This is another popular library that provides umpteen cross-platform react-native components. Any native third-party libraries can be used with NativeBase. It gives your app project the rich source right from the starter kits to the theme templates. This free open source React Native component library develops native mobile applications for iOS and Android Platforms.

React Native Elements

Loads of app development companies have formulated numerous great components. These open source UI components are available across the globe. React Native Elements offer all-in-one UI kit that helps a react-native app development company create best-in-class mobile applications. Offering a Ready-Made kit it takes away the developers hassle of assembling everything together with consistent API, look, and feel.


This platform enables developers to create, launch, and run high-quality native applications for both- iOS and Android. This is again an open source platform for a react native app development company. It allows creating effective mobile apps that look great without the need of giving them the major complex styles.

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React Native UI Kitten

This framework contains the group of commonly used and similarly styled UI components. These components help you focus on business logic and can take care of the overall visual appearance. This concept is similar to the CSS class that helps you save a lot of time while styling several particular elements. Moreover, it helps you change themes in no time by just passing various different set of variables.

React Native UI Library

This high-tech component library supports react-native animatable and blur designing. This library is a pre-set group of style that includes colors, shadows, typography, and more. This group of style pre-sets are easy to translate.

React Native Material UI

This star library comes with an array of highly customizable components that instigate Google’s material design. It implements a single JS object which is also called uiTheme. This library is created with the help of various components that can be easily established in the sidebar.

React Native Material Kit

This set of a component library is simple, useful, and produces lower surrounding noise. This solid choice is usually used to develop Android Mobile Apps. React material kit comes with a fresh and new design that is inspired by Google’s material design. It makes the best use of light, surface, and movements including amazing color choice, imagery, and large scale typography.

Nachos UI

This component library comes with more than 20 customizable components that also work on the react-native web. Nachos UI is the most carefully crafted library that offers spicy designs with a global theme manager.

React Native Paper

This cross-platform UI component library chases the material design guidelines that come with global theming support and secondly an optional plugin for babel that lowers down the bundle size.

React Native Vector Icons

This is a group of icon library for React-Native and is assisted by TabBar/ NavBar /Toolbar Android, image source and full styling. Not to be surprised, these vector icons are used by hundreds and thousands of apps.


In today’s day and age, ReactNative is said to be the high-tech future of mobile app development. Its popularity is rising at a prompt speed and will continually grow its components for becoming the major building block of those major applications we usually use in our day-to-day lives.

Use the UI components treated above for your upcoming React-Native Mobile Application. And, if you are unable to find out the right choice for your app, hire react-native app developer that is experienced to help you create the best mobile app in react-native with the most apposite process, bug reporting, and quicker integrations.

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