Preparation for Civil Service Exam During Graduation

Aspirants put their immense effort to rank in civil service exams. The preparation knowledge about the civil services is essential and it doesn’t matter if you are experienced or newer in the line.


•    Age limit for a general candidate is between 21-32

•   Maximum number of attempts a candidate can make is 6

Every year lakhs of candidates sit for the exams, but only 1000 students touches the bottom line.

The preparation should be pressurized on valuable guidance and right strategies, or the attempt may turn useless, resulting in the loss of preparation and previous attempts.

Here are some guidelines for those who are looking for the best and right guidance to prepare IAS exam while studying in college.

The top UPSC Coaching Classes Nagpur is availing the platform for desired candidates to appear for the civil service exams with the best-collected guidelines from their year’s experiences.

  1. Remember the early stage for appearing the exam

It is essential for all the aspirants to know that the eligibility criterion for UPSC civil exams is 21. Also remembers that the final year students can apply for IAS Prelims.

There are candidates who don’t have the complete information related to the appearing in civil service exams and they eventually miss this early opportunity. They jump into the UPSC Civil Service Exam preparation field lately.

Starting preparations at earliest would feed any aspirant with many advantages.

The aspirants can gather accurate information from UPSC classes in Amravati. They surely pay the attention to the interested candidates to provide all the essential information and related details about civil service exams.

2.  Prioritize your time

The aspirants who can simply spend their complete full year time for UPSC preparation compare to those who prepare side by side for civil service exams from Amravati UPSC classes while in the college will have a time limitation. So it is crucial to prioritize things to be able to prepare the best. Concentrate on extremely essential works only.

3.  Refer most recommended books for IAS

As you have already decided by the time for appearing for civil service exams, buy the most necessary books for UPSC preparation. Any desired aspirant can get the list of books that needed to refer from the UPSC coaching classes in Amravati.

4.  Enrol for mock test series

Enrolling a mock test series as early as possible is necessary for sincere aspirants. It is trusted by thousands of aspirants. Clear IAS online mock series test series should not be missed. It is a platform to provide the best preparations before appearing in the final test.

UPSC coaching class Nagpur provides the guidance to the candidates and suggests them to prepare them partially through online mock test series.

Mock exams are an opportunity for learning and preparing yourself with confidence. It helps you understand the UPSC pattern of questions and difficult concepts.

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Sometimes, a lot of direct and indirect questions from the mock test series are seen in the final question paper.

5.  Spare time

A free hour can be utilised with the installed mobile apps for IAS preparation.

Install Clear IAS mobile app and get the benefit in your spare time anywhere, anytime. There are the resources provided in it for free. You can use it anywhere whether you are sitting on a bus or waiting outside the library.

6. Read newspapers and magazines

You need to make friendship with newspaper and make a habit of reading irrespective of the time limitation. It becomes interesting when you get a habit. The Hindu or Indian Express can be referred0020 for quality articles. Editorials and op-ed articles are important and need to focus.

Magazines are essentially the same as a newspaper. Get the opinion about the magazines needed to be read from UPSC coaching centres. To gain information and knowledge about government schemes, look for Yojana and Kurukshetra magazines.

7. Practice writing

The speed of writing is very important In UPSC CSE Mains. Working professionals may not have the same habit like aspirants just out of college. Take utmost benefit of this.

And if still, you need writing practice, participate in essay competitions, and write stories and letters to your friends involving the topic related to your studies.

8. Discussing current issues with competitors and teachers

Conversations and debates are all that happens in college life. Enjoy it and the same time develops a friend circle who keeps the same interest like you, and you can discuss current issues with them.

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