8 Clothing Trends to Follow These Winter

Trending fashion to dress up! However, for many, winter is a confusing season, and they end up with the same boring style from the last year. They forget that staying on top of the trend game is so much easier these days! We will be discussing some amazing clothing trends of the fall in this blog post. Some trends are just too wacky to affect your wardrobe. Therefore, we have left out a few trends.

Following are some looks, which will fit the street style. You can easily find the required pieces in your favorite stores.

Top 8 Clothing Trends for the Fall

  • Animal Prints
  • Leather Dress
  • Cape Flattery
  • Modesty Dressing
  • Rock the Tweed
  • Rust Belt
  • Pleats and Pleats
  • Layering

Let’s elaborate on them.

1. Animal Prints

Animal print seems to stay in the clothing trends. This year too, it prowled over an incredible number of runways across London, NYC, Paris, Milan, and others.

So, It seems like it’s Noah’s ark for the chicest of the passengers and go for leopard print coats and shoes. These are perhaps the most prevalent ways to flaunt this trend.

Go for what you love. Choose between python patterns, cheetah, wild stripes, zebra, and faux-croc prints. Choose the ones in neutral and classic tones. You can go for multicolored and wild versions too.

You just need to wear it well and match it with the right stuff to make it look stylish. Just make sure you at least add one item of this wild print in your wardrobe this autumn.

2. Leather Dress

Yes, we love velvet and silk. But when the concern is business, those fabric selections are not appropriate. The answer for such an occasion from the catwalks is clearly a leather dress.

You can go for a sassy and short dress. Or, you can go for an irresistible and ankle-length dress. You can even for a smart and shirt-shaped leather dress. Anything that suits your body shape and taste.

But there has to a leather entry in your closet. Because leather seems to be everywhere on trendy catwalks!

3. Cape Flattery

Catwalks seem to have a renewed focus on women in capes. It seems to be something about superheroes, monks, and opera-goers. But everything slays when it is in trend and is worn well.

Crusading women in capes are going to rule this fall! So, get your hands on one of the stylish capes in stores and be your wonder woman version. So, you can carry it in a structured and sharp manner.

Or, you can wear them in a blanket-like and cozy way. Go for the colors that suit you the best.

4. Modest Dressing

Recently, some designers have experimented with the sexuality of females. So, they have come up with silhouettes, which are covered-up decidedly.

latest trend in clothing

We have witnessed extreme layers and long evening dresses, which are worn over stockings and prim shirts. We have seen necklines higher and hemlines low. Tailoring was revolutionized too.

Modest dressing is overwhelmingly in the trend. So, browse your wardrobe and pair some nice long coats with long skirts. Or, choose blouses with higher necklines and more coverage.

5. Rock the Tweed

Tweed is what you need to rock this fall. We have witnessed the exaggerated proportions of the Eighties and they looked hyper-elegant.

Flaunt your tweed jackets and long coats this fall because it is trending big time. It is going to be the shape shifting swagger in the winter season.

And the best part is that you can pull off a tweed jacket/coat with possibly anything. How convenient, yet stylish! I bet you’ll love this clothing trends.

6. Rust Belts

Belts in shades of browns and rust are in vogue. You can rock any outfit with a rust-hued belt to complete it. If you think it seems a little old school (which it is) then you have all the liberty to make it look sensual.

For instance, you can rock a dress slashed to the waist and wear a rust belt with it.

7. Pleats and Pleats

Pleats have remained to be an essential part of dressing lines. And this fall again, knife-pleats are kicking their way high into the new shopping baskets this season with an uncompromising attitude.

Be sure you get your hands on a pleated trending dress. You can flaunt it with trousers or with creepers that are chunky-soled. You can also rock them with a nice fluffy jumper or pair it with an elegant necklace to add bling.

8. Layering

Winter is all about dressing up and adding layers. Because one layer is really not enough to block the cold or to look trendy.

So, go ahead adding layers! But, in a classy way. Does ‘layering’ remind you of Joey Tribbiani wearing all of Chandler’s clothes together in one of the Friends’ episodes?

It was hilarious but we didn’t really mean that many layers. Take inspiration from the catwalks and step up your layering game.

Social media always bring fresh and trendy updated with the latest trends. Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook has become the first major indicators of what clothing trends are approaching for the rest of the year.

For this fall, things look loud, touchy, shiny, and freely. I recently checked out the fall collection of Khaadi UK and it looks promising. They have covered every color and cut suitable for the fall. You just need to mix and match the right stuff.

Happy dressing!

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