Everything You Need to Know About TOTO Bidets

TOTO Bidets are popular in Asian and South American countries like Japan, Paraguay, Argentina, and the Philippines. Although they are not commonly used in Australia, the hygiene fixture is taking a new life in local markets. It is a handy piece of a nozzle that comes in various settings, allowing the user to wash and rinse their private parts.

Are TOTO Bidets Good?

If you are looking for the right fixture to install in your bathroom, a Toto Bidet and washlet provide the perfect accompaniment to your needs. They are elegant masterpieces that complement any of your existing bathroom and toilet accessories. 

Bidets are Not as Messy as Everyone Thinks

Popular culture and comedies depict bidets as messy apparatus because of the jet-propelled water gun which tends to soak an unwary user. Though there may be some truth to comedy sketches, it is far from reality these days.

Modern bidet sprays and bidet seats have adjustable water pressure attachments and position changer to accommodate a comfortable setting. End-users no longer experience the same negative feel of cold water splash because most Toto Bidets are equipped with temperature adjustments.

So, in a typical home setting, you no longer have to get surprised with a jolt of cold water, because most modern bidets are lined with comfort features and customization settings. There are even TOTO Bidets models with warm air dryers to dry your washed parts after every use quickly.

And take note that most modern bidets are no longer manual. The toilet seat accompaniment is attached to the toilet bowl, and the mess stays inside. A Toto Bidet is much safer and cleaner than conventional wipes and toilet paper. 

A Cheaper Means of Cleaning Up

The traditional use of toilet paper compounds expenses over time. And not only that, it is ineffective in cleaning bottoms because it does not completely remove the smell or lodged debris.

Using water has always proven its effectiveness at cleaning anything because of the jolt of temperate water. It won’t irritate your undercarriage, and you get the feeling of freshness faster.

Toilet paper is not economical as you might think, considering the number of rolls you consume in a day or a week. Using bidets not only saves money, but it is also a practical means to help you cut back on your overall monthly expense.

Splashing water to clean your peripherals won’t leave a residue, no dirty paper to throw, and will not require you to stuff them in a bin. So in a sense, a bidet is not only economical but won’t require you to take out piles and piles of dirty toilet paper.

TOTO Bidets Does Not Occupy More Space in Your Toilet

One of the most common misconceptions people have about bidets is its chunky appearance which can make room in a small toilet space. The truth is, TOTO bidets come in several designs, including hand-held sprayers to automatic bidet seats.

TOTO Bidet Toilet

The Japanese-model bidet seat is a practical solution for those who are looking for an affordable and modern hygiene accessory.  Setup and installation-wise, you won’t find it hard to outfit your toilet with your TOTO bidet of choice.

TOTO Bidets are not only practical solutions to stay hygienic, it is guaranteed to save you on your monthly expense and give you a better experience without the rashes caused by chemically-laden date rolls.

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