How to Choose a Reliable and Reputable Jewellers

If you are looking for a professional jeweller to manufacture wedding rings and findings, fabricate metals, and make all kinds of jewellery, you need to survey the industry first. You also have to review your candidate’s processes, credentials, and certifications.

Though you can always choose one service provider for each of these jobs, finding a one-stop-shop for all these needs is always better. If you need a model for this kind of service provider, that would be Palloys. The range of services that they offer is so wide that you would no longer need to consult another service provider.

What makes a good jeweller?

Following the said company’s offering, here are some of the things you should be mindful of when looking for a reliable and reputable jeweller.

Proficiency in Designing

The best buildings and structures always start with a blueprint. The same blueprint will serve as the masterplan for the materialization of the actual structure. The same is true in making jewellery.


It would help if you worked with a jeweller who is good at drawing and is also an expert in design making and tracking tools. Most CAD programs allow you to do these, so it would be great to work with a proficient jeweller in such programs.

Offer 3D Printing Services

After coming up with a jewellery design using CAD programs, the next step would be to create a realistic and high-quality mould for the jewellery pieces that you need to produce and replicate.

Palloys, for example, utilize two printing technologies — 3D resin and wax printing. The former printing technology uses photosensitive polymers (resin) and light to print 3D objects. This technology is ideal for printing delicate parts and those needing smoother surfaces.

Wax printing, on the other, is best for fast and cost-effective printing. If your jeweler is knowledgeable in these technologies, no matter how complex and intricate your jewellery design is, replication will be easy and seamless.

Offers Casting Services

After creating the mould, the next phase of the jewellery fabrication process is casting. When looking for a jeweller, you need to check if their cast is denser than others. You also have to make sure that their cast is not prone to porosity and shows smoother surfaces.

This will minimize the time and effort required to apply finish to your jewellery. Check if your jeweller has alloys that are specifically developed for jewellery manufacturing and goldsmithing. This means that the said alloy will be resized and set easily.

Check for Certifications and Accreditations

If you are looking for a reputable jeweller in Australia, look for the Responsible Jewellery Council’s (RJC) seal of accreditation. The said accreditation body is the foremost certification, and a standard-setting organization recognized worldwide.

The jewelers who receive their seal of approval need to undergo rigorous auditing where the company’s production standards are evaluated and graded against the organization’s Code of Practices.

The said code is according to the international guidelines on ethical and responsible practices for handling, caring, and using diamonds. The organisation’s certification will seal the company’s credibility and reliability as a jeweller in their country.

These tips and criteria may be hard to meet and might require an extensive amount of effort on your part. But, on the good side, once you find that one jeweller that meets all the items in the criteria, you will know that you find a gem.

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