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Digital Marketing has been evolved over the last three years and become one of the fastest growing fields across the world.

Be it an aviation company or mechanical company or IT giant, everyone needs online advertising services to promote their products and business services.

As millions of masses spend a reasonable amount of time on social media platforms and Digital Marketing techniques help business owners to grow bring more sales by targeting these users.

Digital Marketing comprises of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay Per Click (PPC), Online Reputation Management (ORM) and much more. But every business requires different type of Digital Marketing strategies to bring more sales and leads.

So, here are the few Digital Marketing Growth Hack Techniques in 2019

Recently Google’s Rank Brain algorithm has gone through the various changes which bring down the organic ranking of different websites. So here, are the few techniques you must follow to regain or improve search engine ranking.

  • Build community on Social Media: Generally Google consider 200 factors to judge any particular website/blog. But since the Google’s Rank Brain came into existence website needs to make some extra effort to make Google believe about the authority.

Having a good presence on social media platform, not just send a token of authority and popularity to Search Engines but also attract direct sales and leads toward your business. More engagement on social media platforms mean more you care about your audience.

  • Build Brand:

Google doesn’t care about 200 SEO factors if people are not aware about your brand name. So start considering brand value equally important like other SEO factors if you want to see your website on first page in search engine ranking.

Even though it’s a long term goal but at the end its winning winning game. Once people start finding you on social media platforms and search engines then different Search Engine start taking a note of it and bring your site on top of list.

  • Email Marketing your Cold Marketing Weapon:

Large business owner and companies knows the true value and power of Email Marketing and famous V.blogger such as Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin consider it a secret cold weapon to reach large number of audience in fewer campaigns.

Email marketing is more effective than social media promotion and other content marketing strategies. Many companies business totally rely upon email marketing as it gives brings more sales and leads compare to other kind of promotion.

Building an email list is the first process you need to consider for email marketing. ROI of email marketing is much higher than social media and other promotion activities.

Start experimenting Email Marketing once if you have not taste it before.

  • Mobile Friendly Website:

More than 70% of traffic on Google and Facebook come from mobile devices and numbers are still increasing. So websites/blogs which are not well optimized for mobile users are going to experience huge loss of hits in 2019 and 2020.

Recently, Google brought AMP feature which increases the loading speed of webpages. Generally, websites with Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) usually rank up higher in the search engine results. So, if you haven’t implemented it yet then start considering it on priority basis.

  • Fast and Secure Web Hosting

Today site speed plays an vital role in ranking up high in the search engine results. Start considering best web hosting companies that offer SSD, VPS & Cloud hosting.

To save more you can also use discounted Godaddy Coupons while purchasing web hosting. Fast server response time send a good signal to search engines and provide better user experience.

  • Video Advertisement:

Various giants including Amazon, Alibaba and eBay, report that adding a video in promotions increase the chances of more sales and leads. Video Advertisement has great influence on the audience.

People usually believe more in watching than reading which mean video advertisement helps company or brand in promotion. People love to share your video if you have created a valuable content.

  • Podcast Promotion:

Over time many new marketing trends have been seen in the Digital Marketing and one of them is podcast. Some people don’t have enough time to watch videos and read the content so podcast would be best option for them.

Podcast is considered to be the best method of promoting product and services. It also help companies to build a relationship with audience.

  • Create Actionable content:

Quality content easily rank up high in Search Engine Results and also increase the brand value. Digital Marketing is considered as the age of globalization.

Social media and other online developments are helping small businesses to grow at the fast pace. Having good content on the website/blog bring more re-visitors to your website.

  • SEO Strategies

Doing SEO optimization work without plan means making an effort without knowing the goals. Compelling keywords and Meta titles are important in getting more hits in your website.

Initiate an in depth research before start doing your job. Having proper research would give you better and desired results.

These were best techniques which most of the leading companies are following right now. If you have experienced more anything more then don’t hesitate to tell in the comments.

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