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Which are Decorative Concrete Choices in Perth Australia?

Decorative Concrete Options for Beautiful Flooring

The new-age home decor is all about making it more appealing. The new inclusion in home decor is the concrete designs, which are very popular in trend. The pretty and appealing home decor now can be done in a breeze if you are planning to equip your place with an extensive range of decorative concrete block.

Whether you want to start with remodelling your place or you are planning for a stunning decorating at your new building in Perth, AU the exposed aggregate comes with a large number of decorative concrete ideas for you. Here are the decorative concrete choices that you can consider:

Various types of  decorative concrete choices that you can opt for:

Various companies in Australia offer exposed aggregate Perth along with an extensive range of decorative concretes, which not only looks amazing.

exposed aggregate Perth Australia
decorative concrete near me

At the same time, it gives an instant charm to the place, along with immense durability and low maintenance costs, which makes it a must-have installation at your place. Here is the various range of decorative concretes that you can opt for to give your place a stunning makeover. Have a look:

  • Colored Concretes

Coloured concretes are one of the best ways to give your place an amazing look with a vibrant and bright touch. The coloured concrete is achieved from the various kinds of pigments or dyes that are used to apply on the concrete floors. The colors are mixed with solvents like acetone or alcohol to make the color penetrate into the slabs to create a very mesmerizing well-finished look.

The Colored Concrete of D&L concrete service in Australia is an amazing one creating a very well-customized vibrant look to your aggregate concrete project. At the same time, the colours are very durable and don’t fade away with the wear and tear of the weather.

  • Stamped Concrete

Another ideal idea to decorate your place is using the stamped concrete to add some more texture and design to your floor area. The late stamping mats and molds are pressed on the wet concrete to create a very exclusive stamped look.

stamped concrete
what is decorative concrete

The various patterned and customizable designs can also create a  look that resembles brick, wood, or stone finishing.

The Exposed Aggregate stamped concrete thus comes with multiple ranges of designs and patterns that can be created on the floor to give your place an instant makeover in no time.

  • Overlays

The overlays are quite a very impressive idea to create a very modern approach. Overlays serve for both the restorative and decorative purpose of your flooring. The overlays use an extra layer on the top of the per-installed concrete floor, which is endeared with a new design.

The overlay method comes in very handy if you want to get a stamped concrete finish without replacing the old one. The Honed Concrete is thus filled with the exclusive overlays that render the flooring a nice and exclusive charm with ease at a cost-effective rate.

  • Stained Decoration

Stained concretes are another impressive way to decorate the flooring arrangement of your home. The concrete stains are the deposited colors that are deeply penetrated inside the concrete slab. Methods like acid and water-based stains are used to create the rich and extensive look of the floors.

If you want to create a very bright tone on your floor, then water-based stains are the perfect ones to pick. And if you want a very warm-toned color on surface l, then the acid stones are the ideal choice.

Standard Grey Concrete of D’& L  creates a very stunning look if you want a stained grey floor to create a very classy effect.

  • Polished Concrete

The polished concrete method used the chemical densifier to render a very polished and shiny effect on the floor. The densifier is used on the top of the concrete floors that fill in the pores. The range of finishing with the polished floors are large and impressively gorgeous.

The polished Liquid Limestone effect concrete of D & L thus creates a very fine and gorgeous construction which is too tempting. Also, you can consider a very shiny polish for your decorative concrete floors with various exposed aggregate colours.

Is Exposed aggregate concrete more expensive?

The exposed aggregate Perth concrete is nowadays a very popular approach to improving the appearance of your place along with improved functionality. The cost for the concrete surface installation depends upon the surface area you have picked for modelling.

At the same time, the colour of the concrete and the stones also influences the cost. Moreover, the cost also considers any kind of special preparation and the labour rate.

exposed aggregate concrete
decorative concrete block


Opting for the exposed aggregate concrete can be the most convenient way to save some extra bucks in your pocket. It cuts down various expenses like the building of well-finished construction, labour charges, and cost of the resources.

The various decorative concrete companies come with their ready-made designs for you that you can bring and set up conveniently, without spending huge money on it.

That includes the installation of decorative concretes are, the buying of the concretes, transporting them to the worksite, additional hand-excavation of soil cost, and the site clearing cost for the setup. There are no additional tax or permit related costs, which makes it quite inexpensive overall.

Reasons why exposed aggregate concrete is the best choice

  • More slip resistant than polished concrete
  • Various colour & texture choice to customize your look
  • Low ​maintenance needed
  • Durable and resistant to traffic and extreme weather
  • Best replacement option for pavers to stop weeds growing

How much does Exposed aggregate concrete cost?

IF you are interested in avail the installation of exposed aggregate concrete finish at your place, the first thing you might like to consider is how much the exposed aggregate concrete is going to cost?

Compared to the service and durability that an exposed aggregate concrete finish offers your patios, driveways, and pathways, it makes it quite cost-effective.

Exposed Aggregate is Ideal Choice for

For exposed aggregate Perth installation in Australia, you can expect the cost anywhere from $100- $150 per square meter. The supplier in your area is going to give you an estimation of the cost figure in concrete cubic meters.

The cost for the decorative concrete per cubic meter in Australia ranges anywhere between $ 200- $300 + per m3. For better 40 MPa strength, the cost ranges up to $ 350.  Also, there is cost-cutting concrete in case you need to go through a renovation at your place.


Installing exposed aggregate at your place is thus a very smart and innovative idea to create a stunning approach at your place.  D&L company in Australia gives you a large range of decorative concrete flooring options that you can install to your place at a very cost-effective range.

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