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Choose The Right Area Rug Sizes For Living Room

A well-chosen area rug can add more than just pattern, texture, colour to your space. It grounds furniture pieces and makes any room look aesthetically more beautiful. Besides, it can also protect floors, reduce noise, and offer soft cushioning underfoot. To maximize the value of your investment, take both the style and functionality of the space into consideration while selecting the right area rug sizes for living room.

Decorate Your House with the Right Area Rug Sizes for Living Room

Look at your flooring rather than focusing on the furniture or the walls when trying to dress up your house. Sometimes, a good area rug is all you need to redo your room’s look.

Area rugs can be an important décor element for any room. Moreover, your rug can blend in with the overall décor and serve a good purpose for the space. Whatever may be the reason to buy an area rug, there are many things to determine.

Types of Area Rugs

Learning a few terms can help you make the right decision. These terms describe the method of making area rug sizes.

types of area rugs

  • Tufted Rugs: They are designed without knots. The rug’s backing material is threaded with yarn loops instead of knots. Ultimately, shearing the loops creates a smooth surface. The machine or hand-held tool shears the loops to create a smooth surface.
  • Hooked Rugs: The weaver pulls fabric or yarn loops through a sturdy woven base, like burlap, linen, or rug warp to create them. Moreover, the design can range from basic geometric patterns to complicated nature, like trees and birds, pattern. Hooked rugs are available in simple and intricate designs.
  • Knotted Rugs: They come with raised surfaces or piles derived from the loose ends of knots woven between the weft and warp.
  • Braided Rugs: They braid three or more fabric strips together to create a round, oval, or rectangular shape.
  • Flat-woven Rugs: Unlike other rugs, flat-woven are created by weaving on a loom and not knotting. Hereof, they do not have a tufted pile.
  • Shag Rugs: These rugs appear messy and textural. They may likely appear frizzy but are extremely elegant. The uneven pile formation makes shag rugs look bumpy. The unusual materials used in creating shag rugs give them a distinctive look.

Area Rugs Sizes for Room

The furniture pieces in your space are as important as the room size. The layout of your room is essential to consider when selecting the size of the rug.

  • Rugs for Living Room: They come with raised surfaces or piles derived from the loose ends of knots woven between the weft and warp. However, consider your room size and the furniture arrangement while choosing area rugs. To make your living room appear more spacious, purchase area rug sizes that extend a few inches beyond the furniture. As another option, you can also get a carpet that goes just a few inches beneath the front feet of your furniture; the chairs, table, or sofa.
  • Rugs for Dining Room: People often believe that the dining room rugs should be the same size as the tabletop. It will be too small. Rugs with thirty to thirty-five inches beyond the table edge will be safer and more comfortable.
  • Rugs for Bedroom: Bedroom area rug sizes widely vary. Regardless of your room size, it is important to have a soft surface underfoot as you get out of bed every morning. Placing the lower two-thirds of your bed onto the rug and making it parallel to the bed is good.

The shape of your area rugs.

No particular rule dictates that your area rugs should be round or rectangular. Buy them in different shapes that fit your rooms and furniture. Choose the form that perfectly reflects the furniture to sit on it. For instance, round area rugs will greatly match circular dining tables. However, choose them based on the furniture shape.

On the counterpart, avoid round or oblong rugs if your room shape is narrow and long. These two shapes can obstruct the corners.

Cleaning Your Area Rug

Area rugs are prone to become dirty. The job is not done once you pick the right shape and size. However, it is crucial to learn the importance of area rug cleaning and be aware of the best ways of keeping them in good condition. Follow this guide.

  • Cleaning Stains: Two parts hydrogen peroxide mixed with one part liquid dish wash is one of the most tried and tested combinations you can use to clean stains from your rugs. Sponge up the affected spots with this mixture and let it penetrate. Try to pull out the pigment with the help of a paper towel. Once done, flush it with water. Repeat the process if needed.
  • Eliminate Bad Odor: Sprinkle a little bit of baking soda on the rug, leave it for thirty minutes, and vacuum clean it. Laying your carpets down on a chair or sawhorse on any sunny and breezy day will also do the magic.
  • Vacuum Clean: Rotating the area rugs can prevent rug wear. Besides, vacuum once a week without using a brush bar.
  • Restore Old Rugs: A professional carpet area rug cleaning company near you can clean and disinfect your vintage carpets with their high-tech tools and expertise. You may likely need to take the rugs to their workshop.

Ultimately, elements beneath them also matter when it comes to healthy area rugs. Pro cleaning companies like Like Aberdeen Carpet Cleaning can guide you through all the required information and services you may need to keep your mat healthy and beautiful for years.

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