Carpet Cleaning Tips for Tough Stains

#Carpets are natural insulators, preventing slippage, marks, and dirt on flooring while enhancing the interior of the home with its vibrant or muted colour. With all the boons, comes the banes- from drinks stains, pet accidents to bloodstains, accidents don’t come calling. While you can purchase stain-resistant carpets, it’s wise to learn the DIY process. GM Cleaning – a professional carpet cleaning Scarborough has provided cleaning carpet tips for touch stains one by one, and how to maintain carpets in your home.

Best Carpet Cleaning Tips for Tough Stains at Your Home

Focus on high traffic, Shabby Areas:

Along with regular heavy-duty cleaning, one should use carpet cleaning powder or foam to the package direction and then vacuum over them.

Don’t let in Outside Dirt:

Encourage guests and family members to wipe their shoes in the doormat place outside your home and then enter inside and take off their shoes as well. Stow flip-flips in the shoe rack near the entrance of your home to make the switch.

Clean Doormats Regularly:

If you don’t have time, vacuum both sides of the mat to get the grits out, and give it a quick shake outside even if it is plastic or rubber. If the care instruction allows washing, put the mat in the washing machine for a tumble dry.

Food and Drinks Stain Removal From Carpets

For Synthetic Fiber carpets:

  • Dip a white paper towel into a homemade detergent solution, press it onto the stains repeatedly for a few seconds. After 15 minutes, soak up the excess solution with a white cloth.
  • Dip white cloths into the vinegar solution and dab and press the cloth onto the spots for a few seconds and then wait 15 minutes.
  • Rinse by blotting with paper dipped into lukewarm water, and let the carpet dry completely. For huge spills, place thick stacks of white paper towels on the spot after step 2, and lay a heavy pot on top of it.

For Natural Fiber Carpets:

  • Spray the stains with a detergent solution and blot the spots with a dry white cloth.
  • Spray vinegar solution on the carpet stains and dab with a fresh white cloth.
  • Spray lukewarm water onto the stains on the natural fiber carpet, and blot with a white cloth.
  • Continue the steps till clean.

For hard candy, chocolate, berries, juices, wines, milk, Gatorade, ketchup stains use detergent solutions for synthetic fiber carpets, for natural fiber carpets use ammonia solution.

carpet cleaning tips for home

Dirt and Mud Removal From Carpets

Synthetic fiber carpets:

  • Remove dirt particles with a vacuum cleaner first.
  • Dip a clean white cloth into detergent solution and dab and press onto the stains for a few seconds. Wait for 15 minutes, and soak up the excess liquid with a fresh cloth.
  • Soak a washcloth in warm water and press repeatedly for a few seconds.

Natural fiber carpets:

  • Run a vacuum cleaner along with the stains.
  • Dab and press the detergent solution into the soaked white cloth for a few seconds.
  • After 15 minutes, press repeatedly with vinegar solution soaked white cloth onto the spots.
  • Redo the detergent solution step.
  • Spray lukewarm water on the spots and blot dry.
  • Chewing gum & wax removal from carpets

This method is applicable for both synthetic and natural fiber carpets.

  • Rub the stains with ice cubes bags and when the stain hardens hit the spot with spatulas and pick up the chip with a vacuum.
  • Apply a little solvent with a white cloth and blot with a clean one.
  • Rinse the spots with a white cloth dipped in lukewarm water.
  • Method for cleaning pet accidents

Synthetic Fiber carpets:

  • Dip a white cloth into the detergent solution, and dab and press onto the spots repeatedly.
  • Wait 15 minutes and soak up the excess with a fresh cloth.
  • Dip another white cloth into vinegar solution, and press onto the stains repeatedly for a few seconds; wait for another 15 minutes.
  • After the spot is dried completely, the stains get lighter if the process is repeated.

Natural Fiber Carpets:

  • Spray the detergent solution onto the natural fiber carpet, and blot dry with a fresh white cloth.
  • Spray the vinegar solution next on the stains, and blot dry with clean cloths.
  • Reapply the detergent solution with spray and blot dry.
  • Spray lukewarm water and finally blot dry with a clean cloth.

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Blood Stains Removal From Carpets:

  • Always treat blood stains with cold water as blood gets congealed with heat.
  • Fill a spray bottle with grease cleaning liquid detergent and spray it onto the spot till the carpet is soaked. Then use a white paper towel to blot dry and transfer the blood onto the towel.
  • Finally, rinse the carpet with cold water and repeat the process if needed. USe Oxiclean if you want for this step and mix it with cold water, and then spray onto blood-stained carpets.
  • Oil and grease removal from carpets

Synthetic fibre carpets:

Spray carpet cleaning solvent, and dab with a white cloth. Let it dry completely, and blot with a white cloth dipped in warm water. Repeat this process if results show.

Natural Fiber Carpet:

Apply homemade cleaning solvent and then blot. Then spray detergent solution onto the spots and blot dry with a white cloth. After the spot dries, spray lukewarm water and blot dry. Repeat this if successful results show.


Carpet cleaning or maintenance is no joke, and accidents happen repeatedly in homes making a mess of carpets. Hiring professional cleaners near you can be a good choice for removing tough cleaning carpet stains. If you are looking for carpet cleaning in North York, Scourough, ON or surrounding Greater Toronto Areas, follow this link to get a free quote.

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