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Social Media Aggregators – What are They and There Use in Digital Marketing

Are you also a Socialholic? If yes, then you must understand the pain of managing multiple social media accounts across various platforms. If you are a business owner with a decent social media handle which your customers often use to mention your product, service or brand then social media aggregators are really a very important tool for your marketing plans.

Using a social aggregator you can use all of these mentions, hashtags, etc from different social media platforms to showcase them on your website, digital signage or big screen.

Isn’t it cool?

Let’s say you are hosting a big event and want all your ‘live’ social media mentions or hashtags to be displayed on a big screen, yes social media aggregator tool can do this too, that too very creatively!

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To ease that pain, the market is flooded with various social feed aggregator tools. This article discusses everything there is to know about social content aggregator tools and their usage.

So, let’s get started.

What is Social Media Aggregator?

Well, let’s go word by word. As the name suggests, it is any tool that performs the task of discovering and accumulating social media content from multiple platforms and combining them into a single feed.

Social media aggregator helps you bring together the amazing and fresh visual social media content, basically the user-generated content from various social media platforms and lets you display it in an amazing and beautiful way on a social wall.

Why Should You Use Social Media Aggregators?

Social media aggregators are true live saviours for marketers as they save plenty of time jumping from one social platform to another. They display news content from various social media platforms into one single dashboard in a well-organized manner.

In short, social media aggregator apps make the whole process of social media management really simple and easy.

For event marketers, social aggregators come really handy and helpful. Organizing an event is an invitation to multiple tasking at a time.

When your audience post on social media using your event hashtag, then using a hashtag aggregator or a social media aggregator helps you to manage all those posts simultaneously from a single dashboard so that the marketers do not miss out on any social media post being done during the process.

TaggBox a social media aggregator tool can fetch content in real-time so that while managing any event you may keep your audience engaged and updated with real-time updates.

This helps you to create word of mouth marketing around your event or hashtag campaign that you are running. This also helps you build social trust and generate authenticity.

Let’s face the truth. While organizing an event, no marketer has time to create original content and that too in that much bulk. So, user-generated content is the best rescue.

Social media aggregators are the best way to discover really fresh and dynamic user-generated content to engage your audience at events.

Social media aggregators let you share this user-generated content and generate engagement and discussion during the event.

15 Best Social Media Aggregators Tools 2021 [Updated]

  1. Taggbox
  3. Hootsuite
  5. IFTTT
  6. The Social Board
  7. Tagembed
  8. Netvibes
  10. Tint Up
  11. So hubs
  12. Flockler
  13. Twinesocial
  14. DialogFeed

Final Thoughts

Concluding the article, social media is a really important element of any successful social media marketing strategy.

Employing a social media aggregator best suited for your needs is a must. Social aggregators offer a really interactive and easy-to-use platform for this purpose, be it content aggregation or #hashtag aggregation or any other sort of aggregation function.

If interested, you may take free trials to explore and aggregate user-generated content. Aggregating user-generated content on your website or event screens can really amp up the marketing and branding efforts you are making for so long as user-generated content is a symbol of trust and loyalty if you don’t believe us, try your own example, which product or service will u buy?

A self-proclaimed product/service or a product or service your friend recommends? User-generated content does the same!!

Hope you like this article on social media aggregators, in case you have any queries, ping me in the comment section below!

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