A guide to repair cracks in your basement

Your Basement Is Leaking? Follow these simple tips to repair it

It is quite frustrating to have a leaky basement. This often results from the shrinkage of the basement structure made of concrete. It is a common issue in most households. The good thing is that common basement cracks usually do not cause structural damages. It calls for other problems, such as water damage and pests.

Common Reasons Behind a Cracked Basement

There are some common reasons for basement cracks. One of them is the shrinkage as already mentioned. Other causes are the absence of proper control joints on the foundation walls, the shifting of the ground beneath the house (often resulted in bigger cracks) or when the house settles down.

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Basement Wall Crack Repair

In each poured structure of concrete, cracks may develop. It can be of any size or shape. However, do not panic when you discover some cracks on your beloved basement walls. Remember that you should consult crack repair specialists if you see a crack bigger than a 1/4 inch.

Identifying the Reason Behind Your Basement Crack

It can be difficult to find a basement leak. The general rule is to observe and follow the possible source. It can be an issue of your bathroom or kitchen plumbing, so better not to call for the waterproofing agent.

In case of the finished basements, the first indication that you have a problem with the foundation water is usually the presence of wet floors and moldy or damp drywall. For unfinished basements, you will have leaky cracks leaving staining or discolorations on the base walls and at the source; you may find dry patches of mildew. However, it is better to inspect the basement thoroughly for possible cracks on the walls apart from the apparent concern area. When you locate one, ask an expert to make an assessment and offer expert advice on the correct repair options.

Reading Your Basement Cracks: The Possible Locations

You may find cracks in the following areas of your basement:

– Spider-like hairline cracks can be located through or between the blocks of concrete. These cracks are nothing to worry about, and you may leave it or repair yourself

– Cracks between the concrete blocks or bricks are of more serious concern, particularly if you find uneven jutting out of the walls. This may indicate a problem with moisture outside the basement probably putting pressure on the walls.

– Cracks located at the L-shaped areas of the basement (the foundation meets the slope of the ground) are usually because of the concrete shrinking (typically form a hairline by tapering off). This is probably no structural problem, but you may need to screen these cracks to maintain your basement in dry condition.

Horizontal wall cracks are generally most significant ones who need your attention at the earliest. The presence of such cracks at a location high on the basement walls may arise due to repeated cycles of freeze-thaw. If the area gets saturated with downspout water, it pressurizes the basement walls upon freezing.

Repairing the Cracks

Repairing the basement cracks may seem complicated and difficult. But you can repair smaller cracks instead of opting for professional help. Just follow the preceding steps:

It is important not to delay in basement crack repair

– Basement leak repair is simple if the crack is less than a 1/4 inch in width. You can paint the cracks by using waterproofing paints for concrete. Regularly check if the waterproofing paint is cracked. This suggests that the crack got opened under pressure.

– Alternatively, you may use high-grade polyurethane caulk and fill the cracked joints. This substance remains flexible to have provision for some degree of contraction and expansion. So, there will be less possibility of it getting cracked, unlike the waterproofing paint. Then spray the area lightly with water, ideally two times a day for about one week for proper curing of the area.

However, if you have a problem, please hire the right specialist to do it for you. For wider or problem cracks you can always call, a great professional service provider to get rid of basement cracks and leaks. The repairing of foundation cracks needs an informative analysis to find the main reason behind the crack. So seeking professional help is a wise option.

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