10 SEO Tricks for Higher Ranking

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Search Engine ranking is the key element which decides how relevant, user-friendly, fast, and effective your website is. It can attract more website traffic. Your website rating will increase. The business conversion rate will improve and you can expand the scope of audience reach infinitely. Our SEO Company in Mumbai has been specializing in these areas for your specific business domain. With vast industry experience, we have been working with customized and personalized SEO services since decades. Here, we bring you the top 10 SEO tricks for improving your website ranking.

Trick-1 – HTTPS & SSL

Protection of customer data, website information, and browser-server communication is the first step towards ranking higher among search engines today. You can do it by converting your website into HTTPS format and getting the SSL certificate. It ensures complete encryption of data and security of information. Search engines will naturally allocate a higher priority for raking.

Trick-2 –Relevant Design

Website design should be relevant to your specific business domain. The moment users see the landing page design, they should be able to relate their needs and wants with your website. It makes them click the on-page links and navigate through the web pages. It also increases the possible retention time. Search engines favor your websites because users spend more time there. Our SEO Company in Mumbai has been specializing in this field.

Trick-3 – W3C Quality Content

Relevance, readability, quality, simplicity, and accuracy are the key points for your website content. Add useful and meaningful images and Infographics in an optimized manner. It is better to use genuine photographs shot at your business location with a professional camera. They should add value to the text content and make users understand your concepts clearly. Avoid stock and copyright protected images. Our SEO Company in Mumbai can provide you with the W3C standard content for your web pages.

Trick-4 – Researched Keywords

Extensive research into your business domain and related target audiences can give you the latest and most relevant keywords. They could be a combination of short words and long-tail phrases. Choose keywords with more search volume and less competition. You can also consider researching competitor keywords. Filter out negative keywords to avoid irrelevant users from seeing your links and ads. Search engines will consider these steps as signs of a genuine business entity. They can naturally increase your website ranking.

These procedures require specialized tools and professional help. At Our SEO Company in Mumbai, we provide you with all the facilities and features to get the top-ranked keywords. We can also suggest the best keyword density.

Trick-5 On-Page Optimization

Include a sitemap for your website. Remove all possible 301/404 errors from the coding and run-time applications. Create title-tag links, Meta tags, Meta descriptions, anchor text, and title-tags with relevant keywords and meaningful text. Add image-Alt-tags, caption, and title tags to images and Infographics. You can avail Our SEO Company in Mumbai services to get these things done in a professional and efficient manner.

Trick-6- Mobile-Friendly Website

Responsive web design is a way of making your website compatible with PC and mobile platforms. Having a separate mobile-version can increase search engine ranking. It shows you are serious about your customer commitment. It shows you wish to improve the user experience. It shows you wish to grow your business and be a part of search engine services. They will naturally give the top priority to your website and the related links.

Trick-7- Off-Page Optimization

Link-building is the first step towards off-page optimization. It creates channels through which the search engine can analyze the value of your website for the external world. The links could be from your vendors, customers, blogs, authority-websites, social media, and other related local businesses in your region. At our SEO Company in Mumbai, we can create and build hundreds of links to your web pages with reputed websites.

Trick-8- Relevant Videos

Adding relevant HD videos can increase website traffic, retention, and lead to potential conversion. Create professional videos with a story-board, flow, characters, and impressive narration. Your videos should be informational, entertaining, absorbing, and probably interactive. They can encourage the users to make repeated visits to your video pages. The recommended practice is connecting to platforms like YouTube instead of loading videos on web pages. It reduces the loading time of pages and eases optimization and maintenance. At our SEO Company in Mumbai, we can assist you in creating and posting the top rated videos apart from connecting them to target audiences.

Trick-9 – User Experience

User experience is the sum of the 8 parameters you have seen above. At our SEO Company in Mumbai, we can customize all the aspects of your specific business domain. We have a deep and clear understanding of the target audience expectations.

The first impression is when the user enters the landing page. Adding Infographics to your web pages can give statistical data to the users. It is one way of consolidating trust in your website, products, and brand identity. It is also a great way to attract search engine attention.

Adding client testimonials and comments about your products and brand is the ultimate way of enhancing user experience. They can convince the new audiences and increase the probability of marketing lead generation.

Trick-10 – Professional SEO Service

Study of audience preferences through demographic analysis can help you improve the user experience. For this, you need tools for content updates, keyword addition and editing, image editing and adding, etc. But it is obvious that you may not be able to perform all these tasks unless you have a dedicated IT team. At our SEO Company in Mumbai, we can take over the complete services from domain creation to design, content, and optimization.


It takes time and effort on your part and SEO specialist to enhance website ranking. Increase in ranking can push your website to the top of search engine result pages. It needs consistent keyword research, continuous optimization, and updates to your web pages. At our SEO Company in Mumbai, we revolutionize the procedures consistently to deliver the best possible results within the shortest possible time.

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