When did wristwatches become in trend?

Wristwatches – Its history, importance, and why it is still relevant?

The 17th century saw the emergence of wristwatches. It was a consequence of modification of the clocks that were covered with and electrically charged by spring. Wearing watches around the wrist got popularized in the 1920’s.

Before that, people mostly had watches in their pockets, and those watches were affixed to a chain. Wristwatches were also known as wrist lets and were a fashion trend or craze of women. It was initially designed for well off women and was called wristlet because of the amalgamation of a watch and a bracelet.

All through its history, people used it as an adornment or a piece of jewelry. It was something to reflect gender, economic status in the society, rather than being a simple and accurate timepiece. However, men did not prefer it, as they thought it was too feminine for them, and would pose a problem or cause inconvenience in their work.

Only during World War I, military officers began wearing wristwatches. They realized it helped them synchronize their plans better and with more efficiency. They were no longer required to take out clocks from their pockets, which took a long time. That made it acceptable for men to wear wristwatches and spread its market in men’s industry.

How do watches show time?

Following are the major types of displays you can find in watches-

  • Generally, watches displayed time in the analog form. It had a minimum of two rotating hands – a shorter hand which represents the hour of the day and a longer one which is the minute hand. These are mounted upon a numbered dial.
  • A digital watch shows time in digits, instead of using short and long hands. For example, if the time is five minutes to eleven, it will represent it as 10:55.
  • Nowadays, many watches have illuminated displays, which make it possible for the wearer to use and see time in the dark as well. In mechanical watches, the hour marks and hands (both long and short ones) have luminous paint on them. In the case of digital watches, led screens or displays were available.
  • Manufacturers designed talking watches specifically for visually impaired or blind people. They are just required to press a button, and the watch will tell time.

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Significance of wearing watches:

  • In the modern world, wristwatches are among the top fashion embellishments. It enhances one’s personality and adds value. To some people, it is a fragment of their personality.
  • It helps a person to be punctual and time conscious. If you wear a watch, you are aware of the time all day. You do not need to check your phone now and then, which also serves as a distraction.
  • Hence, it saves you time. You can wear them anywhere and everywhere. There are some places where you are not allowed to take your phones along. For example, exam hall, in such situations you can always fall back on wristwatches to know and manage the time.

Wristwatches is never go out of style. It is a classic timepiece that has become a staple object in modern day to day life.

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