What commercial items can be recycled

What is commercial items waste recycling?

Ever wondered what commercial organizations do with all the magazines and newspapers that they might be getting for the past decade? While the curbside recycling program may not see much activity there are large-scale commercial waste management companies that go through tons of material on a day-to-day basis recycling or reusing discarded material and making the planet much more hospitable daily.

What can be recycled?

The list of the items that can be recycled is a very long one and even though it is possible to list out the items or materials in alphabetical order it would get boring right as you reach ‘Charlie’ or ‘Delta’.

Here you will read about some of the more obvious materials that are common in households or used in large scale industries and are more likely to come across on a daily routine.

One is likely to come across recycling of paper like newspaper or cardboard or packaging material but these are the most basic items that are recycled.

  1. Items such as PET bottles, food plates and cups.
  2. Aluminum, tin, steel and any other metal that has been dug out of the soil.
  3. Glass bottles from the corporate parties thrown over the weekend.
  4. Waste generated from the maintenance of the gardens in or around an organization.
  5. Furniture that is no longer useful as a result of new ones replacing it.
  6. Any type of paper that has been used in an organization and is no longer required;
  7. Boxes made of cardboard or any other paper component.
  8. Electronic waste like batteries.
  9. Clothing from cloth industries is either not up to quality standards or is thrown away as a result of not being required.


With that being said ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ is usually true for everybody you just need to know if it’s recyclable or not. There is a huge range of materials that are recyclable or reusable through the local recycling or waste management program.

newspaper recycling

The list comprises various materials some of which are, paper and glass, and some not so obvious materials, including most types of metal, and sometimes even food material. To cover it up most organic material can be recycled or reused when properly assorted making the economy more efficient in energy consumption.

Commercial companies have a very important role in ensuring that waste is managed properly and recycled or reused as much as possible for a greener and brighter future.

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