Patient successfully undergoes hernia surgery at Pristyn Care, Delhi

Hernia surgery is required when internal organs or tissue push through the weak spot of the muscle that holds them in their position. Generally, there are different hernias and a few of them are inguinal hernia, femoral hernia, umbilical hernia, incisional hernia, epigastric hernia, and hiatal hernia.

Major causes for hernia can be a birth defect in the diaphragm, history of abdominal surgery or trauma, straining during bowel movement or urination, lifting heavy-weights, smoking, obesity, and lack of physical activity. People of all ages can get affected by a hernia.

Consultation at Pristyn Care, Delhi

Patients who are suffering from various types of hernia disease can visit Pristyn Care, a well-known multi-specialty hospital in India that treats most of the diseases with painless laparoscopic surgeries. Patients can consult Pristyn Care hernia specialists and laparoscopic surgeons online or private hospital.

Once the consultation is booked, hernia specialists at Pristyn Care, Delhi will evaluate the past medication and medical history of the patient. However, doctors may perform a physical examination to diagnose a hernia.

Advanced and latest imaging tests such as CT scan, abdominal ultrasound, and MRI scan are recommended to the patients. In a few cases, tests like endoscopy, laparoscopy, and barium X-rays are also used to identify the hernia location.

After a detailed consultation, the patient may choose to undergo either laparoscopic hernia repair surgery or open hernia surgery.

Pre-surgery care at Pristyn Care, Delhi

Hernia specialists at Pristyn Care, Delhi provide the pre-surgical diet to the patient before 3 days of the surgery.

All the vital signs like a heartbeat, pulse rate, and oxygen levels will be monitored before the surgery. An allergic test will be performed for the patient to rule out an allergic reaction to anesthesia.

Hernia Treatment in New Delhi

The surgical experience at Pristyn Care is awesome, as they provide a caring buddy for the patients who take care of everything. Pristyn Care at Delhi will accept most of the insurances that cover laparoscopic hernia repair surgery and helps for a smooth claim clearance.

Surgery at Pristyn Care, Delhi:

Laparoscopic hernia repair surgeons at Pristyn Care, Delhi are well-experienced and use the best standard medical equipment to diagnose and treat a hernia.

Depending on the severity of the hernia, a doctor will suggest the patient for laparoscopic hernia repair surgery or open hernia surgery.

But, laparoscopic hernia repair surgery is well-chosen by most of the patients as this is painless, scars-free, and the patient recovers quicker than open surgery.

Open hernia repair surgery: [Hernioplasty]

  • In open hernia repair surgery, the patient will be sedated using general anesthesia.
  • Then, all the vital signs are monitored by the surgeons and nurses throughout the surgery.
  • After sedation, a large incision or cut is made in the region where the hernia occurred.
  • Once, the hernia is found, then the surgeon pushes the hernia to its original location and strengthens the place with a synthetic mesh.
  • Once the mesh is placed, all the incisions or cuts will be closed by the surgeon.

Laparoscopic hernia repair surgery:

  • The patient will be sedated by using either general or local anesthesia.
  • Later, small incisions at the belly button will be made to insert the laparoscope.
  • With the laparoscope, internal organs are viewed by the surgeon to locate the weak spot of the abdomen and the hernia.
  • Once, the weak spot is identified, a mesh will be placed to strengthen the abdominal wall to hold the organs and tissues.
  • After strengthening the wall, the incisions will be stitched.

All the medical and non-medical staff at Pristyn Care, Delhi follows international standards of healthcare guidelines to provide the utmost care and best surgical experience to the patients.

Post-surgery care at Pristyn Care, Delhi:

After the laparoscopic hernia repair surgery, the patient will be transferred to the recovery room where the surgeons and nurses will monitor the patient for a day or two. Once the condition of a patient is normal, then he/she may be discharged.

Surgeons at Pristyn Care, Delhi will provide post-surgical consultation to the patients free of cost. They also provide free diet consultation regarding what to eat and what not to eat after the surgery.

Doctors at Pristyn Care, Delhi will provide few lifestyle changes for a quick recovery and to reduce the further chances of development of hernia and they are:

  • Keep the surgical area clean
  • Don’t try to remove the stitches on the surgical area
  • Maintain a healthy weight and BMI with daily physical activity
  • Do light exercises daily for about 20-30 minutes
  • Do not strain while urinating and bowel movement
  • Stop smoking and moderate the consumption of alcohol
  • Eat fibre-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grain, and brown rice, etc. These can prevent straining and constipation.
  • Should avoid lifting heavy weights as they can create pressure on the surgical area
  • Don’t consume heavy meals
  • Consult the doctor when you are experiencing a persistent cough
  • Discuss with your doctor regarding the diet plan and the best exercises


medical clinicPristyn Care, Delhi provides a great ambiance to the patients. With the latest and painless laparoscopic hernia surgery in Delhi, patients will have a speedy recovery and can perform their daily activities.

A day-care surgery is also available that enables the patient to go home on the same day of the surgery. Pristyn Care at Delhi uses the latest and most-advanced laparoscopic and laser medical devices to provide the international standards of surgical benefits to the patients.

They also provide free pre-post surgical consultation and diet plans for those who undergo hernia repair surgery.

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