Shapewear tricks to make your look great and feel comfy

If you want to look slimmer, curvier, and fitter, shapewear is a must inclusion in your wardrobe. It makes you look stunning, and celebrities on the red carpet have shown proven results for it.

However, shapewear is not just for special occasions. You can wear them for your daily routine, workouts, and parties.

Shapewear for Women

If you are not used to wearing shape wear, it may be slightly challenging for you initially, but gradually you will get comfortable wearing them all day. Here are some shapewear tricks to make you look great and feel comfortable.

Have different varieties of shapewear

Different shape wear targets different body parts and enhances them in different ways. They also offer different compression levels to create better results.

If you have plenty of shapewear to select every time you wear a different dress, you can get the best result under all circumstances. Here are some types recommended for you:

different types of shapewear


Shaping panties: They are an alternative to regular panties and are useful to make your belly look flat. They are high waist and help wipe out muffin top and love hands.

Waist trainers: You should pick the best waist trainer if you need better control and instantly dramatic slimming results. They fit perfectly and cinch your waist, giving you the hourglass figure. They are also helpful in amplifying your workout.

Thigh shapers: They target your butt, thighs, and hips offering compression around the waistline. You can wear undershirts, pants, and dresses.

Full body shaping: If you are looking for all-over slimming results, bodysuits are highly recommended. They offer all-over compression and target your bust, waist, hips, thighs, and butt.

Butt lifters: If you love to flaunt your butt while wearing sexy pants and jeans, butt lifters will give you the ultimate life, curve, and figure you want.

Dress according to your body shape

To get the best results from your shapewear, you should pick one that meets your body requirements and addresses the target areas. It will not just make you look great but also prove extremely comfortable for you.

Some shapewear recommended for different body types are:

  • Pear shape: go for thigh slimmer and bust lifting body shaper for women
  • Apple shape: choose waist slimming and butt-lifting shapers
  • Rectangle shape: Pick waist slimming, bust, and butt-lifting shapers
  • Hourglass figure: Pick all over smoothing body shaper for women
  • Inverted triangle figure: choose waist slimming and butt-lifting shapers.

Remember to team your shape wear with dresses that enhance your assets and hide your flawed areas. It will make you comfortable and feel good about your body.

Fitting is important

When you talk about the best shapewear for women’s comfort and efficiency, choosing the right fit is of grave importance. If you are ordering new shape wear, you need to keep your measurements in mind before placing an order,

The measurements include bust, waist, and hips. So, use the measurements of these body parts and place an order accordingly. With these easy shapewear guidelines, you can look great and feel comfortable at the same time.

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